Travel From Taichung - suggestions?

Hey, my father is coming to visit me here in Taiwan. He’s staying for about 3 weeks. That’s 2 weekends to use for travel and I currently have Wednesdays off.

My questions is, what are two places that I should show my dad? I haven’t traveled at all myself yet so I don’t have many ideas. I also want to avoid taking off work.

Would I be able to make a Hualien Trip enjoyable for 2 days? How about Taipei? My dad is more of an outdoors man than I am so I think he would appreciate something like Hualien more than the big cities.

Anyway, if you have any ideas, let me know, thanks!

I took my family to Sanyi to check out some beautiful wood carvings and make pottery. Kaoshiung has Cai Shan, You can take a hike up the mountain and see wild monkeys. Alishan offers hiking, river tracing and an aboriginal performance, excellent choice!