Travel Health Insurance for Trips to the USA or Europe

I assume the Europe is about the same as the USA and it would be financially devastating if you were to take ill while on holiday there. Could someone please advise on how to get American or European travel health insurance coverage for expats that live year-round in Taiwan and already have sufficient governement health insurance in Taiwan. To clarify again, I want coverage for the USA when I travel there as I doubt my government sponsored health care here in Taiwan covers trips to the USA. Knock on Wood could you imagine how expensive it would be if you had to get hospital care without insurance while on a trip to the USA!?!?!?!?


Why don’t you just buy those travel insurance packages at the airport? They have loads of different policies to choose from.
Also, when I was in the States for two months once, I found it was cheaper to just buy a short-term health insurance plan from Assurant–not sure if that will work in Europe, however.

I thought those counters at the airport were only for death related travel insurance. It never occured to me check their health insurance policies. Thanks. Also, I thought they looked like they would give me the hard sell and thus perhaps were not trustworthy companies. Finally, I also worry that their coverage wouldn’t work unless you were a Taiwanese citizen.

Any good recommendations for travel insurance to Europe?

We bought family travel insurance from (明台產物保險股份有限公司)
but I wonder if we can do better than that ( European Health Insurance Card etc.)

As far as I remember, becoming an ADAC member the equivalent to triple A (AAA) will provide you with decent coverage.

ADAC (Reise Krankenversicherung) - (krankenversicherung für besucher der bundesrepublik deutschland)

I accompanied a group of Taiwanese students to the US in 2005. One of the students had pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and underwent a surgery in Boston. He spent 5 days in the hospital and the operation went well. His mom later told me that she had spent over NT$1,000,000 for this incident(including air tickets). When they came back to Taiwan, they claimed over NT$800,000 through the insurance package which was less than NT$3,000 for 35 days of overseas(includes Europe/USA)traveling . Since then, everytime an American friend of mine goes back to the States, he would purchase the same plan through the same insurance company.

There are a lot of companies here that sell travel insurance, such as Fubon. And it’s quite affordable.