Travel Insurance

Does anyone have recommendations for international travel insurance that is easy to buy in Taiwan? My situation is slightly complicated as I will exit Taiwan, go to Europe, and then return to Hong Kong. Sometimes a requirement of travel insurance is that you have a return trip from your ‘base’ country.

And if possible, I would have some type of covid cover - as returning to HK I’d like some protection for the hotel quarantine incase I need to cancel.

I got a pretty good deal with Tokio Marine:

The entire application is online and is pretty straightforward. It’s all in Chinese but Google translate will do a good job.


I am looking into travel insurance when I return to USA for two months. Some things are covered by airline. EVA will cancel/reschedule with proof positive for COVID. However American insurance companies will not sell to Americans living abroad. I found a few websites searching under travel insurance for Americans living abroad. Just wondering if anyone has purchased travel insurance. I am somewhat hesitant to use Taiwan travel agency. In fact a friend who had been in the insurance industry in Taiwan recommended not buying Taiwan travel insurance. Has any American in Taiwan on Forumosa purchased travel insurance?

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