Travel iron


I’ve done a search for this here and elsewhere, and can’t find an answer, so was hoping someone here might be able to help.

Looking for a travel iron (or if not available, a small, decent iron) that won’t necessarily cost me an arm and a leg. Preferably at a store in downtown Taipei.

Thanks in advance.

I believe I’ve seem them at the camping shops near Main Station on Roosevelt Rd. Otherwise, modern irons are super light so if you are travelling for business you should be able to fit one in your bags. Otherwise for casual travel a spray bottle works best. You literally just need to spray most clothes with a fine mist and the wrinkles shake out.

Thanks, Mucha Man. Sent you a pm.

Edit: I have no idea why it says “Muzha Man” instead of M-u-c-h-a Man up there, despite the fact that I spelled it correctly when typing it out - my apologies.

Muϲha Man. Hey, I did it!