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I want to tarvel in tawian but not go far from Hsinchu.I have only 2 days to see around in May 2004. Can some one suggest a good place to go may be in Taichung or any other place. How is Sun Moon Lake i have heard its good is there any other better place. Can some one provide some Tips!!

Thanks in advance!!

If you’re interested in Sun Moon Lake, I’d suggest taking the road that leads up through Snow Mountain and then down through Taroko Gorge, if only for the drive. The coastline on the way back up from Taroko is beautiful as well. Might be a lot of driving to fit into two days, though…

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I am not very familiar with the routes here as i m a foreginer. I am not even sure if sun Moon Lake would be good place to go and remember. Plus i m living in Hsinchu so way suggested by CK are not familiar at all to me.

Could some one please guide me how to go from hisnchu to Sun Moon Lake. And also suggest some good hotels there except the Lalu thats out of my budget. But anything else which is good is sure welcome.

Do you guys suggest some travel agents who can help me get a good deal in some good package in that area

What do you want to see? Temples, culture, nature? If you have any interest in Chinese art you should know that 10 minutes south of Hsinchu is the Guqifeng Cultural Musuem, a giant temple complex holding the best private collection of Chinese antiquities I have seen in Taiwan.

As for the rest of your trip, let us know what your interests are.

Well!! i just need to spend some good time with my family …enjoy the scenary,food and luxury of hotel …more like a weekend get away with husband and parents

I think Sun moon lake is not too bad…any inputs on that!!

I dont know how to get there from hisnchu and where to stay there…soo looking for good hotels or may be good deals from some travel agent

Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful place. Lots to do, as long as you have a car to get around. You can row a boat across the lake, take lake cruises, bike on a special bike only lane by the lake, go for short walks or several hour long hikes, lunch on the patio at the Lalu, have drinks at night on a floating deck at Lingo’s across the lake, visit cool temples, etc. A nice place to stay is called Spa Home (049-285 5166) in the Sun Moon Lake Village. Price (around NT5000) includes a 90 minute massage for one person. They have a nice deck for meals. Food is just okay though. Call the English tourist hotline (0800 011 765) for more hotel information.

Visit the snake-kiln down near Shuili (a 30 minute drive south). This is an old-fashioned kiln that now operates as a cultural venue. Fascinating place.

If you have time, take the Jiji small rail line from Shuili over to Jiji and rent bikes and do the 10km circuit route through the countryside. Beautiful ride past waterfalls, relics, temples, old trees, and through sunflower fields.

Are you planning on busing it or renting a car? If family is coming I suggest you rent a car. If you travel mid-week traffic is not bad at all.

I second Sun Moon Lake. If you have 2 days anyway it is perfect. Serene, pretty, very UN-Taiwan… feels more like Europe in terms of scenery.

Renting a car is the way to go. Make sure you have a licence (local OR international)

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Mucha Man, I’d be interested in that Guqifeng Cultural Musuem. Can you pm me more about it? What’s the name in Chinese? Thanks

Thanks Guys!! this is good information.

Can someone tell me about hotels in sun moon lake area other than SPA Home.

There are several cheaper hotels very close (within very short walking distance) to the SPA Home. I stayed in one last October that was clean, fairly comfortable and pleasant but nothing special, for about NT$2,000. However, the room had large picture windows giving wonderful views overlooking the lake. Breakfast was not good – Taiwan-style rice porridge with pickled veggies, pork fibre, salty egg, bad coffee, but again, gorgeous views from the dining room. Sorry, can’t remember the name. Maybe it was Dragon Phoenix or something?
The Shuili Snake Kiln is well worth a visit.

Guqifeng 古奇峰

It’s about a 10-15 minute drive from the train station heading south west. It’s near the lake.

You can call the Hsinchu Cultural Bureau 03-5319756 for more information.

Also do a google search. There is a website for the place.

The main street in the village has about 10 hotels. They’re all around 2000 a night for a double. Cheaper hotels can be found on the main road near the 7-11. if you’re going midweek, again, no need to book. Just go and find a place you like.

The Apollo Hotel (049-285 5382) and Harbor Resort Hotel (049-285 5143) both have nice rooms with excellent lake views.

Sandman, I think maybe you stayed at the Harbor Resort as their shitty coffee has stayed etched in my memory, too.

When we went for a daytrip to Sun Moon Lake, we also visited the nearby Xitou Forest Park which was really nice for some good hign mountain cypress forest.


If I live in Taipei, can I do a day trip to Sun Moon Lake? (ie There and back in one day?)

No. Too far. Why go all the way down there? There are lots of nice hot spring resorts with beautiful scenery in Miaoli (just south of Hsinchu).

[quote]If I live in Taipei, can I do a day trip to Sun Moon Lake? (ie There and back in one day?)


Yes. I’ve done a good day trip to Sun Moon Lake and Xitou Forest Park. You need transport though.