Travel to Kaohsiung from Taipei after an international flight

Hello, my family and I (+2 young kids) will be returning to Taiwan, my flight will go from Canada to Japan and then to Taipei. From Taipei I will need to travel to Kaohsiung.

My question is how can I travel from Taipei to Kaohsiung in order to be quarantined in Kaohsiung? Are there taxis? I am sure I can’t take public transport.

Any help will be appreciated.

Pretty sure you have to quarantine at a hotel near the airport and you can’t come to Kaohsiung until q-period is over.

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I’m pretty sure you’re completely wrong.

There are special taxis at the airport if OP can’t arrange for a private car. (I’ll also be going from the airport to Kaohsiung next month.)

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There are special taxi and bus services for quarantine-bound passengers: taxi fare from Taoyuan airport to Kaohsiung is 2,660 NTD. Bus fare is 400 NTD per person.

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Thanks so much, I will look into the taxi. Booking this flight has been a nightmare, flights cancelled 3 times and this current one is also expected to be cancelled.

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If your current flight—I presume it’s on JAL?—is cancelled or messed up, do try to get a nonstop to Taoyuan. With skeletal flight schedules and entry restrictions, transferring has become a real challenge.

Good luck getting this done! And do let us know what happens.


Like the other person said. You can take a quarantine taxi or a quarantine bus. If you do not have anyone picking you up in a car when you arrive in Kaohsiung (if you choose bus, because it only has 1 stop at the Kaohsiung CKS Martial Hall), then take the taxi, which can go directly to your place. The driver will stop at rest areas for you, if you need to use bathroom, etc. Your arrival day does not count as 1st day of quarantine.

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How long have you lived here?!?! Kaohsiung people dealt with this nonsense back in the 1990s. It’s called the “Kaohsiung Cultural Center”. : D


Google maps said so. I’m trying to help OP. No need to get your dander up.

It hasn’t been called that since the Hsieh mayorship. :rofl:


complain to google :beer:


I’m trying to get things factual HERE.

If you keep this up, you’ll need to remove the “KHH” from your user name. : D


the woke culture coming to KHH. sheet. run for our lives… :smiley:

The (English) Mobile version of Google Maps on my phone says Kaohsiung Cultural Center.

this laptop is Chinese safari.

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The joys of different browsers and OS then.

Mine shows:,120.3299879,15z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x346e04e849b4a37d:0xa5e5a77472317cf!2z6ICB5r6z5bua5oi_IFNraXBweSdzIEtpdGNoZW4!8m2!3d22.6423359!4d120.3189362!3m4!1s0x0:0xca47289b738ff143!8m2!3d22.6257788!4d120.3180707

Also bus is so cheap!!!

You can fill out the form before you depart:

Thanks for your reply. We will be arriving at Taipei airport at 430 am, we are 4 people and 6 to 8 suitcases, do you (or anyone else) know if there are airport taxis that are large enough for all our stuff? Or should I go by bus?

Also, do you know if I can reserve a taxi before hand?

You can take taxi ,bus or rent car

more info in the following link

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