Travel to Thailand / Malaysia. Any Quarantine problems?

I am due to go to Thailand and Malaysia in June.
What is the current situation re people arriving in these countries from Taiwan ???
Do the governments maintain any websites with this info ???
Does anyone know the URLs ???

I heard Thailand lifted the “any foreigner must wear a mask” requirement.

As of yesterday they have reinstated the rule - anyone arriving from SARS affected country is supposed to wear a mask for 10 days. If you choose not to wear a mask you have to get a certificate from a Dr every 3 days confirming you have no symptoms of SARS and the certificate must be registered at the local Govt health office (or the central health bureau if you are in Bangkok).
This is theory of course. How they are going to police it noone knows.

Yesterday 's China Post mentioned visiting the doctor every 3 days.
Is this CAthay website simply out-of-date ???

This one doesn’t say much