Travel to Vietnam from Taiwan? Money?

Anyone travel to Ho Chi Minh City while having Taiwan dollars? Were you able to exchange TWD into the Vietnam currency (VND)? Does anyone recall seeing a money exchange that indeed exchanges from Taiwan dollars into Vietnam money? (at airport, or)?

You should bring some USD, it’s widely accepted (at least up North) as currency (i.e. no need to change). Can’t recall that I changed any TWD.

Change your TWD into $USD at CKS. Then change at least some of your $USD into Dong at HCM. Most reputable hotels should be able to change USD into Dong as well.

Good advice.
Do not take NTD into Vietnam. USD all the way. Always keep some in reserve. And remember, be liberal with your Dong…

I thought you had no money.

keep just enough NT$ to get back home from the TTY airport :slight_smile: … otherwise US$ or maybe Euro now … this goes for most Asian countries …