Travel with a teen in winter -Where to


After her boredom at the beach last summer i took her to an isolated farm to learn how to milk cows, care for animals, take care of crops and she loved it. There was no comfort but it was so different that she loved. I almost forgot about it.


If you haven’t been skiing in Japan yet, the snow there is excellent, especially in Hokkaido. They have some of the lightest, fluffiest powder in the world. A ski trip to Japan is highly recommended.


That’s where I originally thought of taking her, because I read very good reviews about the snow quality if we land in Sapporo. Do you have any recommendation? Is that feasible to stay in the city and travel everyday to the slopes? Or would it be worth to spend much more to stay in some resort?
In case we decide to go to Japan (gotta have her decide), I would like to avoid travelling over 30 min from and to the slopes.


I watched somewhere that tourists do homestay at old style farmer’s home in mountainous village in Japan in winter, and experience their life style. It looked interesting. I don’t remember the cost, though.


I hope I can find these. Would be great to spend some time with them.


If you want to stay in Sapporo, the closest resort, Sapporo Teine, is like 40 minutes away. I think one of the Winter Olympics was held there. For the best powder, I’d head to Niseko. It’s a small mountain town surrounded by four different resorts, and you can ski at all of them on the same pass.