Travel with two Passports - How do you do that?

Juz wondering do you guys travel with 2 passports when going back to Taiwan?
For eg. When checking in at aiport (eg Amsterdam where I am currently located or in any city for that matter) with your European (Netherlands) passport and then when you reach your point of destination -(Taiwan) you switch to your Taiwanese passport ? Is that so?

Even though the Netherlands govt recognize dual nationalities but what happen if :
When checking in at airport counter you provide the airline officer with your European passport and then when checking in at the immigration counter (just before the duty free shops ) you provide the immigration officer with your Taiwanese passport?mmm…

Does the Taiwanese immigration officer ever check your passport if it’s being stamped or ask you questions where you’re coming from?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Never had a stamp in my passport in western Europe … but than I’ve a belgian passport.

I guess Taiwanese immigration officers don’t care if your passport is stamped in another country … they are not as paranoid as Chinese or US immigration …

If you have a Taiwan passport too, it’s obvious you use that to enter Taiwan … otherwise you’d get kicked out after 30 days …

[quote=“Belgian Pie”]Never had a stamp in my passport in western Europe … but than I’ve a belgian passport.

If you have a Taiwan passport too, it’s obvious you use that to enter Taiwan … otherwise you’d get kicked out after 30 days …[/quote]

Thanks for your reply …
I never had stamp on my Euro passport either. And upon check in at ariport counter you provide airline officer with Taiwan passport or your Belgian one?
Just curious… :slight_smile:

If you have a Taiwanese passport use that one when coming into Taiwan. Use your other one for the country of issue. It’s that easy. I use my CDN one when going into Canada and my US one when going into the States. Sometimes I just show whichever one I grab first.

When checking in at the airport counter it doesn’t matter which passport you show. They only want to proof your identification and see that you have a visa if required - if they let you fly without visa the airline have to pay a hefty fine…
You can also show them both, they don’t have an issue with that (the immigration officer on the other side might have, so here show them only one passport)

It also doesn’t matter which passport you show at the immigration desk - obviously different passports have different stay durations, so it is smart to show the better one. There is an exception: your home country (the country of which your home passport is issued) you are not allowed to enter with a different passport (this is at least the case in Germany).

ya, in the states too I think. I got reamed out big time once when I went into the states on my cdn passport instead of my US one. stupid.

I travel on three passports. As long as you enter and leave on the same passport, it’s OK. I don’t know about the US or Taiwan, but in general IOs are quite well aware of multiple nationality issues and they have never batted an eyelid with me entering on a passport which does not show an exit stamp for my last port of embarkation. Is that a word? Anyway, I just show them the other passport if they ask. I even entered Holland from the UK on an Aussie passport just to get an entry stamp for Holland. The IO didn’t mind one bit.

Wooh! You even travel on three passports? :noway:
Is that really necessary?? no identity crisis I hope :laughing:
Two is enuff for me …heheh I always fear the immigration officer might stop me from entering for some reason…weird but true

A girlfriend of mine once was questioned (spot checked )by an immigration officer actually upon entering Singapore with her
Singapore Passport which do not show any stamps whatsover from her last port of embarkation (yes that’s the word!:bravo: ).
She was stucked about 5 min or so :blush: and had to come up with some reasons but at last she let her go…phew!:wink:

Anyway thanks for your input guyz… Anyone else with similar experience , feel free to comment.

This post has the full scoop on how to travel with two passports: … 229#730229

[quote=“Belgian Pie”] I’ve a belgian passport.


:astonished: do you??

i thought belgium was just an Appendix of france,and you all had french passports… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Monaco is an appendix of France … Belgium is the BRAINS … :slight_smile:

Question - do all of you have aka.s on your passports? i want to travel with my daughter and her british passport doesnt show her chinese name, neither does her taiwanese passport show her english name? do i need to get an aka done on one of them quick?

thank you

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My daughter’s ROC passport has her Chinese name, the romanization of her Chinese name, and her English name. Her US passport only has her English name.

My daughter has also both names in her Passport. Her Taiwanese and her German …