Traveling by bike (hotels/minsu)


I’m planning to travel by bike from the north to the south of Taiwan during Chinese new year, I’ve got a couple of questions :

  • Do you think that I need need to book Minsu/hotels in advance (as it’s CNY, I’m wondering if they will be fully booked ?)
  • Is it likely to rain a lot, be very cold ? (on the east coast)

I a bit worried about hotels, usually I like to keep it flexible when I’m travelling by bike as it’s just more fun and it’s not easy to plan everything in advance. I might also carry a tent with me as a back up solution.

Thanks for your help !

I just finished this trip yesterday, I answer my own question :

I decided to bring a tent which was a good decision. I had no problem getting rooms in Kending and nearby just before CNY at a decent price (750nt for 2 persons). But prices kept going up while I made my way up south (Taidong, Hualian, Yilan). At the end, prices went up to 2000-4000nt for rooms only worth 1000-2000nt so I decided to camp instead.
My experience is that it is always quite easy to find a room available, but it might be expensive.

It’s expensive because it is CNY. Otherwise though NT2000-4000 rooms will go for under NT1000-1500.