Traveling during Covid-19

This is such a fantastic principle, based on which nothing can possibly go wrong. History has shown this to be a perfect policy to adopt. Every government should adopt and make full use of it. Brilliant.


It’s a strong incentive for governments to create emergencies.

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they already do. your sarcasm doesn’t conform to reality.

Specifically with regards to US and infectious diseases:

Apart from this, you could argue the entire FISA courts and current programs like PRISM, or any surveillance, is curtailing your rights since we’re in a constant state of “emergency” due to war on terror.

Sarcasm?! No! Never!

Just total agreement. You deserve nothing less. We’re in an emergency after all.

In response to the runaway crisis in India, Taiwan has temporarily issued an entry ban on specific foreign nationals from that country effective May 4. Some key details:

The new measure applies to all individuals who have visited or transited through India within two weeks of their arrival in Taiwan, according to Chen, who heads the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

However, the entry ban does not apply to Taiwanese or foreign nationals who hold a Taiwanese residency permit, Chen said at a press briefing.

They will instead be required to quarantine for the mandatory 14 days at a designated government facility, free of charge, upon arrival in Taiwan, Chen added.



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“EU member states agreed Wednesday that the bloc’s borders should re-open to travellers who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, European sources said.”

I read somewhere it is only for vaccinated EU citizens. Is it correct?

So far yes. Or needing a reason to visit. They are thinking about changing this however. Expect to travel freely by mid June or so within Europe if fully vaccinated. In some countries even 1 shot plus 22days will do.

Guess EU will publish a list soon if they can agree. My guess is that US will be on the list. The rest will be similar to the latest Latvian entry restriction. This is only my guess!

In Netherland travel for non-essential purposes has been permitted for arrivals from the following seven third countries:

New Zealand
South Korea

"The authorities of Latvia will now allow persons who have completed the vaccination against the COVID-19 to skip self-isolation when they enter the country.

In a press release issued by the Latvian Ministry of Transport, it was pointed out that all persons returning from a European Union or European Economic Area country, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom will be exempt from the self-isolation requirement.

However, the testing requirements for all those vaccinated still remain in place. Everyone is required to present a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours."

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Reading that about the Netherlands, it appears that I could purchase a ticket on China Airlines or EVA to Amsterdam and enter without restriction. No need for Tests, Vaccination, or Quarantine. Hmmm, really?

Edit - no - coming from Taiwan requires a PCR test, but otherwise my Passport lets me in.

A one way deals for Aussies and Kiwis , leave for the EU and you may not be able to return for a very long time.

Check what various countries say about transit or exit on most direct way. Only very few EU countries still do border controls (one such country is Slovakia - no entry without 72h test or fully vaccinated). However many you can enter without test, or they allow you to enter with test requiring qurantine except if you leave the country on the most direct way. So just book a flight to another country then where you want to stay - and move over the border to another one (which will not check).

Especially Netherlands is super lenient. I have some family members who cross two to three times per week Netherlands to Germany or back because they kinda live on both sides of the border. No single time since the beginning of the pandemic have they ever been stopped. Also the border was never actually closed. Austrian border to Germany was different - a) because Austria was stricter at some points in time (not now) b) you usually cross into Bavaria, and Bavaria has been the most strict state of Germany concerning border regulations.

For crossing into Germany there is a paper form if you cannot register online - many many people use it. No check on border, throw paper away instead of quarantining. There is one single problem - if you cross into another country and within 14 days test positive - they will likely fine you (but fines for such things arent too expensive in most countries).

And in 3-4 weeks I am sure inside Schengen all controls will be abolished. Many countries start talking about dropping the mask requirement except for sensitive places like hospital, doctor waiting room and so on in a couple of weeks when they reach 50% fully vaccinated.

50% vaccinated (22 days after first dose), plus those with previous infection - that seems enough to get the numbers down pretty quick - well plus more an more time spent outdoors now due to summer in Europe…

I am pretty sure as long as you are vaccinated, there will not be any restrictions inside Schengen again next winter. They are using many restrictions to kinda force people to vaccinate. Not vaccinated = second class citizen in the EU. Very clear now.

Italy however was super strict at borders, but also inside the country often moving around forbidden and controlled heavily. They now seem to be one of the first to open up for tourism however.

Not being able to fly direct, a transfer would be required in either Singapore, USA or Middle East, and some are bound to have a PCR test requirement, not to mention the extortionate airfares.

Staying home saves money, and keeps Blood Pressure down, while planning for the big trip some years hence when all this is over (maybe).

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And buying foreign currency you may need. The yen is still low…

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Is Ebola still the go there?

This website is not comprehensive. It has some minor mistakes from certain countries. It is a good base though. I’d suggest to always confirm with the official government websites to double confirm.

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Yes that’s always important. Also check if the airline or transfer point have additional requirements.

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Interesting that TW now has more COVID cases and over twice as many deaths as VN, even though VN is almost 4 times as big (population) and has a land border with China, Laos and Cambodia.