Traveling during Covid-19

Of potential interest to forumosans who plan to fly with China Airlines or with EVA:



those hired to help implement Taiwan’s 2030 Bilingual Nation plan are also included, according to the MOE.


This report from Walgreen’s PCR test (2 day lab processing) was accepted by United Airlines.


Still hasn’t explained where all them foreigners currently chilling out on Kinmen came from…or did they come from the future???

English teachers or assistants who got their ARCs from their visitor visas or visa exemption?

I was continuing my rant from here: Who is being allowed into Taiwan right now?

Just completed my first flight and international trip in 18 months.

I took airport express MRT. It leaves every half hour on the top and bottom of the hour, so that’s something to keep in mind lest you end up waiting 29 minutes for the next train.

In-Town Check-In only works for EVA and China Airlines. And you have to be there 3 hours before your flight. I was flying Asiana through Seoul.

The check-in line was slower than usual, because in addition to everything else, they check your PCR test then.

Faster than usual was security. I was the only person in line at that time.

E-Gate is operational, and I sailed through.

The Food Court is open, but you can’t eat in the airport; you have to bring your fine McDonald’s comestibles onto the plane.

They gave us a health declaration form to fill out for when we transferred at Incehon Airport. Once in the aiport, the Transfer corridor was closed and there was one long line into Arrivals. There’s nobody there to tell you to just go to the front to the right of the line and give your declaration form to a guy at a table. All the signs there are for arriving passengers. I had to ask a passing flight attendant about it. She guided me (and consequently, several other confused transfer passengers) to the right place. Have a staff member in attendance and have good signage, please!

On the flight home, they gave us a sheet of paper that says “You have just visited a country with a high Covid risk. We recommend that you monitor your health and stay home etc. etc.” Oh please! I’m coming from low-risk Taiwan and am about to enter a country with a high Covid risk!

After we arrived in the US, CDC personnel seemed to be checking people randomly for PCR test reports. There was a bottleneck forming in the jet bridge as we were exiting the plane. (Seriously? Creating bottlenecks during a pandemic?) When I got out to where the CDC guys were (just outside the jet bridge), they saw we were waiting and waved most of us through.

Sailed though immigration (thanks, Global Entry!). Easy peasy. Most other passengers had to wait in the usual immigration lines. No idea of whether any extra documentation was checked due to the pandemic.

Waited forever for my bags, as per usual. Nothing to declare, so I bypassed customs. Outside of customs, there was a table with free home antigen test kits containing two tests. I availed myself of one.

Doubled up my mask and boarded BART to head home. Despite bring rush hour, there was plenty of seating the whole journey. I grabbed a single seat so nobody would sit next to me.

Got home, ate, unpacked, did the antigen test. Negative.


A special experience, as Asiana have been (or soon will be?) folded into Korean Air!


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Question: still no airline food on the plane? :cry:

Yes, there is limited food on the international flights. The families who wear full clean room suits take off their face shields to eat. United’s planes are very clean and seemed to be at about 30% capacity. Everyone was far apart.


We were served on-board meals just like in non-pandemic times. You can take your mask off to eat.


I don’t know about Cali but here in Oregon the current Covid case numbers are the worst by far of the entire pandemic. Last year’s peak number of daily cases was around 1,600. On Monday there were almost 3,000 new cases. Fortunately the mask mandate was reimposed last Friday so we may get lucky and bring the numbers back down to double digits like they were in early July when the mask mandate was foolishly lifted.

My daughter wears masks everyday in Dallas and was diagnosed with Covid yesterday. Masks reduce the risk but they will not make this pandemic go away 100%. I’m so tired of hearing that Americans don’t wear masks.
I send her masks from Taiwan because I believe they are better quality and safer. She’s a teacher and has lived in Taiwan so she does understand how to wear a mask. She keeps an extra box in her car, and wears one into the school.
At the end of the day, that nasty mask goes into the trash. Right before she was diagnosed, I sent some to her students.
She is fully vaccinated with Moderna. She had two really bad days and was considering going to the hospital over concerns of dehydration. Today, she is feeling much better.


Hand washing is important too. Touching one’s face unthinkingly is a prime vector for transmission. Vaccination/mask/hand cleanliness. The axis of safety to get one thru any pandemic in one piece.


I’m really sorry to hear the news about your daughter. It sounds like she was doing everything right and just got unlucky. Given her vaccination status, it’s unlikely she’ll get really ill. I hope she’ll be OK soon.



Indeed. Sending good vibes.


Singapore , now has eased travel with a pass from Taiwan and few other places with a new travel bubble


Glad wifey got back safely today via Japan airlines 787
Both flights first from jkt to Tokyo snd then Tokyo to sfo were full

But the international terminal was very empty
And the arrivals hall super quiet with about a tenth of the.Normal people so much so even the Starbucks little outlet there was shut

So lucky Japan didn’t stop transit


One of my students left for Palau this week with her two grown children and one of their spouses, to get vaccinated (I think their second dose?) I had no idea you could even do this. I asked if quarantine was required in Palau but she said no, they can go out and be tourists.

I didn’t ask her if quarantine was required coming back. We have our class next week (online) so I guess I’ll get the details then.