Traveling during Covid-19

Step aside Palau; Hawaii beckons.



Wow finally a good reason to spend the big bucks .
We have to quarantine coming back in though :neutral_face:.

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Hey! A country I can get in using the citizens line! Perfect!

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I wonder whether there’s a world expo expo :thinking:?

At some point, I suspect there’s going to be a virtual “World Expo” whereby people can visit the world without the need to venture from their comfy chairs into germ-ridden meatspace.

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euphemism for seedy KTV?

Museums are already doing that with VR.
Plenty of research papers on real-life case studies.
COVID-19 just fast-forwarded those plans for many of the big ones.

For those interested most Taiwan hospitals are taking registrations for the limited availability (10,000 doses for entire country) self pay AZ vaccination from Monday, and some are already accepting bookings. Get somebody who speaks Chinese to call. Each hospital is setting up it’s own system to take bookings, most aren’t well prepared yet.

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Appreciate it if you can list the hospitals that have begun taking appointments or point us to a source for this info.

I phoned several hospitals on the CDC list for the Taipei and New Taipei area and none are ready yet.

I thought I read somewhere that the appointments were to be booked online? You might have better luck just checking each hospital’s website.

[linked to wrong registration thing, sorry!]

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Isn’t that the World’s Fair?

There’s no list. You need to ring around and check.

Yep, that’s what I thought too.

I’ve already checked the websites of most of the hospitals on the CDC list in the Taipei area. Unfortunately, there’s no relevant info posted yet (as of early this morning).

I appreciate the NTUH link but, if I’m not mistaken, it appears to be for people on the priority list (公費) as opposed to those who want to self-pay (自費).

Haha good luck registering then.

ARC: no good! Only nationals accepted for booking !

Yeah you’re right - someone at the hospital (different region, Yilan) called me after registering to say they hadn’t provided the self-paid section yet. I just went to cancel my appointment and noticed now they have a separate link for self-paid…

Not a restriction per se, but in the midst of spiralling COVID-19 cases in its midst, China Airlines has apparently suspended many of its flights to and from LAX, SFO, and YVR in the upcoming two weeks.



No doubt due to unavailable pilots.

“Among the 412 guests and staff members who had to leave the hotel near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport were more than 100 pilots with the country’s largest carrier, reports said.”

Cathay had a similar problem a couple of months back, Government in HK made aircrews do longer Quarantine time and it led to a shortage of available crews.

It’s clear that how much ever we try to protect and stay in a bubble, you may contract it. And any quarantine, shorter than the min 14 days + 7 days, doesn’t help.

Yes, but they were actually in a quarantine period when they became (potentially) infected, so would not have affected the crews’ availability

Philippines open 1 May.

Basically need to stay 7 day quarantine in approved location. But this new story only has general reference information.