Traveling during Covid-19

I’m sure this has been discussed before but on the UK govt website:

Quarantine requirements for passengers arriving in Taiwan from the UK and other listed countries
From 27 June 2021, all passengers arriving directly from eight designated countries, the UK, Brazil, India, Peru, Myanmar, Israel, Indonesia and Bangladesh, or those who have been in one of these countries in the preceding 14 days, are required to complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine at a designated quarantine facility. The cost of the quarantine will be covered by the Taiwanese authorities.

In subtropical Taipei? I’ve spent a lot more hours in masks than I have in socks!


Ha! I guess things are more relaxed up in Danshui than they are in central Taipei City. For me it’s socks and shoes outdoors when I head out, then shoes and socks off when I am indoors at home—and mask off too. Hence the parallel.

An aside: I could never get away with this socks-and-shoes thing here without a steady supply of tea tree oil applied daily. Before I figured this out, I had lots of dermatological trouble; after that, none at all.



This is actually something that worries me here. Using disinfectant on everything all the time is the best way to breed super bugs. Wear a mask and wash your hands correctly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds with some degree of sensible frequency. The constant alcohol and bleach on everything will be very bad in the long run.


I just got home from hotel quarantine (thank goodness) and my skin was so bad during quarantine. I had rashes on my arms and legs and after 2 nights of sleeping in my own bed, they have gone away. When I went outside for the day 12 pcr test, I could see someone coming around and spraying something, who really knows what, and I wondered if that is what was causing my rashes. I wish they would spend more attention on ventilation than on constantly spraying chemicals everywhere.


Congratulations on your release!

Last time I came back to Taiwan was pre-hysteria, so I was lucky and “quarantined” at home. Before I was allowed in the taxi I got sprayed all over with alcohol. It’s hard not to laugh when people do stupid shit like this. It’s quite literally like sprinking someone with holy water for all the good it’s going to do. Just more pollution.


Thank you! Now the ironic thing is that during quarantine, I found a job back in the US so I’m getting ready to pack everything up to go home. Really makes the last 15 days feel pretty futile, but oh well.

Yes, when you get in the taxi at the airport, the driver sprays your entire body plus luggage with alcohol (I assume alcohol) and then when you arrive at the hotel they do that all over again. My hands were bleeding from all the alcohol. That is on top of the bleach solution the airport soaks your luggage in before it comes out at baggage claim. So much bleach and alcohol.


Well they’re testing everyone who travels domestically via plane now. Using the self-tests from 7-11, in case anyone was wondering where all the tests went. Little kids screaming and crying about the nasal stab, which for some reason is STILL being done by someone else. The government finally decides to mass test everyone in the most inefficient way possible.

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This is not futility; it is success. Congratulations and good luck with this new opportunity!



Did they tell you what happens if you test positive whilst in quarantine? Do you get shipped off to another location or as you’re already in, just stay put?

I know someone who unfortunately tested positive on the day 12 test (it was most likely an old infection with a high CT value, they have no symptoms) and was taken to a hospital in an ambulance and has to stay there for another 2 weeks. (!)


Like in every country. Same day PCRs are no special thing.

For people who are fully vaccinated plus 14 days, you will no longer need to have pre-flight PCR test before flying to England (I guess Scotland and Wales will follow at some point). There will be no quarantine requirement and only need to take a lateral flow test on day 2 after arrival.

This is if you’re traveling from a “non-red list” country and have completed a government-approved vaccination programme. It also allows for mixing of vaccine doses.

Taiwan is listed as one of the countries that these new rules applies to (but only for AZ, BNT, Moderna. Medigen isn’t mentioned).

This is the announcement:

And this is where the specific countries and rules are listed:


Damn, this is what I’m worried about - seems totally unnecessary unless you start getting really sick.

Plus I bet the hospital isn’t cheap :open_mouth:

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At least the hospital stay is free. But honestly the room looks pretty dire, so I feel very bad for the situation. It is worrying, I was very anxious up until I got the call on day 14 of quarantine saying that my test was negative and I could leave at midnight.


British efficiency?

Cases 7.34M

Deaths 135K

Congratulations Uk for your efficiency

Even without NHI?

Be nice!

The UK has in many ways dropped the ball in handling the pandemic. Voters can turf out the government if they are displeased.

But they have also—through Oxford—helped to develop the most cost-effective and widely used vaccine around the world. I can think of many other nations that have caused great trouble without providing this sort of help.



The person said they never asked for NHI card. I guess what are they going to do if you don’t have NHI, let you go onto the street? Later they might send a bill, not sure about how that works.

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When a few months ago we had the outbreak everyone complained because the pilots who caused it because they only had 3 days of quarantine and because Taiwan was no longer strict with those who arrived by plane but now we believe that Taiwan are too strict and we make fun of the way to do things here.