Traveling. Homeless... What if I get a cold?

I have that strange feeling in my throat and I am worried I might be in the beginning of a cold.

Normally I would not worry for such a thing. However this is covid time right now, people are crazy about it, and I worry hostels will refuse to receive me if I look like I am sick. I am currently cycling around Taiwan and I have no where else to go.

Any thoughts to share?

Thank you

Maybe find somewhere relatively quiet/isolated to rest for a couple of days, and wear a face mask at all times if you’re not already? I guess the worst case would be having to go get tested at a hospital. I wouldn’t envy being a coughing/visibly sick foreigner at the moment though.

You haven’t been on any cycling trips around Hubei province* recently, have you?

(*or even worse, the U.S.)

Airborne 3 times a day, zinc all day.
Thats my go to, although i brought zinc lozenges from usa.
Works like a champ.
If cant find Those , at least try 1500 mg vitamin c twice a day

When i stayed at hostels , they were hot beds for the common cold

Buy tent, camp somewhere, rest up. Or AirBnb for a while, if you have the means.

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The 1000 mg Redoxins they sell in Watson’s have zinc added to them. I think they really work when you’re run down.

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Just go to to any nearby ENT Clinic ( 耳鼻喉科診所) , they will give you a lot of medicines but you will feel better in a short time , but be aware these pills make you sleepy

A couple of months ago I had some symptoms (throat hurts but not coughing ) I visit the Clinic and doctor said right now there are many cases of people with strange feeling in the throat but that I shouldn’t be worry about COVID-19 since there were no local cases
I think now it should be fine to visit a clinic , but remember to always wear a Mask and wash your hands

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Along with the essential and useful nutrition mentioned above avoid shitty food, smoking etc.

My go to is reishi mushroom. They are in season now, easily identifiable and extremely effective at boosting the immune system. Look for Acacia trees that are dead or injured, trunks 20cm plus (bigger ones better chance at finding)

Lots around. Or buy it, but the atore bought stuff is pretty weak as they already extraxted from thw material for pills and syrups and sell the left overs cheap to chinese medicine shops and doctors.