Traveling in Indonesia (how safe?)

I have a friend that’s planning a trip to Indonesia. Reports issued on various Government websites are giving him cause for alarm.

How alarmed should he be? I’ve been to Bali twice, but both times were “touristy” trips (nice hotels and planned trips around the island). He wants to stay in bungalows and live cheap (nice, but cheap).

Is Bali the place to go, or are they other nice spots (I know nothing).

Thanks to anyone that can add some helpful tidbits of information I could shoot him (links, personal experiences or whatever).

Is he going to take off from Taiwan?

I heard LOMBOK has beautiful spots.

3-star hotels r 12 USD per nite, sometimes 9 USD per nite- as long as u book them from travel agents.

Sometimes, negotiating over their online sites works.

I did the el cheapo bus/train/bus thing from Jakarta to Bali last CNY and the sense I got was that certain areas of the country occasionally flare up alright and if you happen to be there when it happens :noway: it ain’t pretty; however, most places are pretty cool most of the time. If I was going again I’d fly to Bali and connect straight across to Lombok (the Gilis at the northern end, especially Gili Air, are take your breath away beautiful - no cars allowed on any of the islands) and then catch one of the boats to Flores. Flores is supposed to be gorgeous too and the religion is more animist and christian than muslim so perhaps there is less chance of difficulty. Not that I had any problem with the muslims I met and in fact found that whole aspect really quite fascinating but people worry about that stuff with all that’s going on so…

Also, he should beware of testicle-fondling monkeys. Or he should seek them out, depending on his proclivities.

I’d almost forgotten about that!

Miltown has actually seen the now famous "accidently on purpose let your balls fall out the hole " hole in case any of you are harbouring doubts as to the veracity of my ball fondling monkey story…

Now THAT’S downright weird! :laughing:

Me too.

There’s more to Indonesia than just Bali! I recall those monkeys - there were at this temple in Bali, right? Hahahahaha. Then admittedly, Indonesia hasn’t done a very a good job of promoting their country either. If diving’s your thing, then you should definately go to Manado, Sulawesi. I was there last year, it was damn farking fantabulous. The vis was excellent - between 20-25 metres. And it offers both macro and micro life at different dive sites.

I also enjoyed Jakarta and Surabaya - but maybe perhaps I have Indonesian friends who brought me around. The few times I’ve been there I’ve felt safe. Basic travel safety common sense will suffice

I’ll forward this thread to him. Thanks.