Travelling by ship

Is it still possible to travel by ship, and work aboard to pay all or part of your way? My searches on the net have turned up nothing on this. I do mean by big ship, and not by private yacht. When my “contract” for living in Taiwan is up, I thought it might be a different and interesting way to go back home.

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It sure is possible, I have done that years ago but not from Taiwan, back in the days when I lived in the Carribeans I use to travel on a sailing boat(Dynamic 62 feet) back and forth between the islands and Europe, it was a cheap way to go back home although pretty long (about 30 days to cross the Atlantic with good weather) I’ve met people who were doing the same thing on cruise ships and some were coming from Asia. Good money and a lot of fun!! Ask around, google your way into it.
Best of luck! :wink: