Travelling on a 30 day visa around Asia HELP...?

Hello, I have a question I thought some of you world travelers may be able to help me with.

My brother will be visiting from America on a 30 day Visa to Taiwan. Will he be able to travel freely around Asia on this visa? IE…Thailand/Hong Kong etc…Or does he need a seperate visa? I would like to book some flights to Bangkok but unsure? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


US citizens are allowed a 30-day stay in Taiwan without a visa. Any visa issued by Taiwan would be good for Taiwan only. I don’t know the exact entry requirements of the other places you mention, but a US citizen should be allowed a temporary stay in most of those places visa-free. Do a search on Google and you should be able to find the info.

Ummm…US citizens are allowed 14 day visit without a visa.

ShaoPang is right, Taiwan gives 30 day visas now to US citizens, and other visa exempt passport holders. It used to be 14 days but was changed about a year ago.


As to the original question, Bangkok and Hong Kong also offer visa exempt entry for US citizens.

For US Citizens travelling abroad, a good place to check on visa requirements is the US State Department:

As visa requirements can change, double check with an embassy or other representative office for the country you want to visit.