Travelling with OTC from UK to Taiwan - help!

I am travelling to Taiwan in few months… I want to bring solphadeine with me… it’s OTC not prescription… does anyone have experience with such a scenario? Is it allowed? Restricted?
I can’t find similar products in Taiwan.

Codeine is OTC in Taiwan so should be no issues.

Restrictions on codeine is so stupid in other countries. It works amazing for cough. If you’re an opiate addict, you wouldn’t even feel anything from codeine. The abuse fears are exaggerated for codeine.

Thanks mate… I guess I was asking… Am I ok to bring some with me to Taiwan…and how much

Yes, as I said codeine is OTC in Taiwan, so it’s not a problem to bring with you.

How much is probably going to be within reason for personal use.

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I had prescription medicine that contained Codeine with me a few years ago and got selected by a Customs Dog.

Are you sure about that? I’m guessing the OP is referring to the type containing Codeine.

I’ve never seen any pain relief like Solpadine available OTC in Taiwan, even getting pain relief containing opiates can be a pain ( :grimacing:) in Taiwan.

I doubt you will be stopped in the airport for it or have any particular issue other than having to hand it over if discovered unless it’s a huge quantity. I wouldn’t worry about bringing a personal supply.

Yea. Codeine is OTC. The drug he listed is simply acetaminophen, codeine, and caffeine.

You can get codeine otc. It’s mostly in cough medicine. Surprising as Taiwan doesn’t give out opiates unless you are literally dying.

:confused: Codeine is an Opiate. How can it be OTC and at the same time “Taiwan doesn’t give out opiates unless you are literally dying”?

I’m guessing it’s OK in cough syrup but not in pain relief medication?

Can confirm that. The most common cold medicine, shishi, has codeine in it.

If you have the means you can cook it to get the codeine out. In NZ anything with codeine in it is strictly controlled. As in your name goes into a central registry.

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It’s OTC. I’m clearly talking about other opiates and not codeine as I just explained it’s not controlled like that.

OK, interesting. Do you know if it’s available as pain relief in a similar way to Solpadine? Would solve some logistical issues due to the travel bans!

I think you can order codeine pills by itself. I did it before but not all pharmacies have it available.

I’m not convinced it’s actually all that great for pain relief but go for it.

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Thanks, will give it a shot, it’s the combination of acetaminophen and codeine in soluble form that seems to work.

While I am wasting your time, do you know if soluble acetaminophen is available, I’ve never seen it in pharmacies here other than in Lemsip. Something like;

No idea about that.

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