Treasure hunt

If enough people are interested, I would be willing to initiate an interactive treasure hunting game one cryptic clue leading to the next untill you hit the jackpot.

I’d be into this, especially if it wasn’t just an Internet hunt but also involved things hidden in Taipei. That would be tres cool! :slight_smile:

One could even take it further and do what some sites do with football pools and such. That is, each participant could throw something (a DVD, book, whatever) into the pool. The winner gets all the booty! :smiley:

It would definitely involve real objects hidden in certain locations around the island including/mainly in Taipei.

Money is a problem, but I don’t think the value of the object is as important as figuring out the riddle/s leading to the “treasure”. A few different people could show up at the same spot to claim the prize or the prize could just be waiting under a vase in a certain building.

I don’t have to be the only one doing it. Anybody else interested in doing the same are welcome to leave their clues here.

If there’s no school tomorrow, then I’ll plant my first treasure in Taipei tomorrow which will be a book.

Really, great idea. I wish I had more time to play.

I’ll hide it so well it could take a few weeks to get.

PAH! That was easy. I found it in about 10 minutes in Page One. So its my turn.
Silver Porsche – well, the keys to one. They’ll be in an envelope that will contain directions to the car. Clue to follow.

I’m in Taipei now ready with the prize but as I was looking for an appropriate location to place it, I realized that it might look highly suspicious if I concealed a package in a public area. Now I’m thinking that I might just direct people to where I’m sitting right now to avoid all that.

er…I see a problem.

Do you think I should stick to my original plan? I’ll have to do it in an inconspicuous way. There are cameras everywhere. I’m still thinking about it.

I was being smart. Actually I thought of an idea like that recently but my idea was to use a digital camera to either give a clue(s) or for a competitior to submit proof that they got to a location.

I was being smart. Actually I thought of an idea like that recently but my idea was to use a digital camera to either give a clue(s) or for a competitior to submit proof that they got to a location.[/quote]

The prize is a book, “The Age of Innocence”, but I will include an unrelated object that the person who finds it will have to identify. I wonder if I should make it a guessing game where participants will have to ask YES/NO questions to get their own clues.

With the rain I also had to keep moisture in mind. I’ll put it into at least two plastic bags.

Here are the clues:

Here I am standing in front of a 7/11 across from a Family Mart next to a blue food vending truck. Diagonally across from me I see a Party World. In the distance I see a green and yellow PAOS sign. I turn to the left and walk. I pass a florist, Mo’s Burgers, Taipei International Hotel, a binlan establishment and a confetionery place. At the corner I stop. I see a Mac Donald’s across from me. Directly in front of me I see a big orange and blue sign. It says, “Show Time”. I cross the street. To my left I see a small park. To the side of it there is a “Cultural and Arts Foundation”[beware the address on the internet is different to the one I saw] with a big “Maxell” sign atop it. In the park, I see a sculpture that resembles a moustache or a bow (archery). The area around it is cordoned off. There are a few shrubs in the park. I approach a building in the park where Cloacina receives tribute daily. It is an entrance to Taipei’s Cloaca Maxima. Next to the men’s entrance there is a wall with a shrub hanging over it. I shove the parcell over the wall into the garden. The parcell falls to the bottom. I leave the scene. I pass Las Vegas, Rolex, Hermia Bagels, Soup and Coffee, Oriental Plastic Surgery, an old man in his shop, di marzia. At the police station on the corner, I meet a few people from France who give me directions. They’re very friendly. I pass filofax, Yamaha, two foreigners in thin yellow plastic rain coats. I see another foreigner in an OK looking for a bowl of instant Beef Noodle Soup. Civic Blvd. A man with a broken green umbrella waits to cross the street on his black bike. I see a sculpture. It’s circular with balls inside. I see a big green overpass. I turn left. In the distance I see Caesar’s Palace. I see the Taipei Main Station in front of me. I pass Zhongshan Metro Mall. I cross the road. I enter the North 1 entrace of Taipei Main Station. I meet a South African who’s been here for five years. I exit the building. Cross the foot bridge to where the busses are. I depart.