Treehouse Resort in the Philippines?


I’ve heard about a resort in the Philippines, I think it’s called “Coco Beach Resort” ~ anyone been there? Apparently it’s mostly treehouses as accomodation. I’m just wondering if it’s as good as it sounds… have you been there?


This one?

Been to Puerta Galera but not seen this place. I very much liked it at the time but I’ve got a mate who’s just returned. He claims the people were decidely unfriendly. This surprised me so I did a little research into it and found that the NPA (New People’s Army, a communist insurgent group, have increased activity in the area. There was a big shootout there last year.

When I was there I took a motorcycle for a ride and got kind of lost and started noticing all these signs out the front of some fairly poor villages welcoming the NPA and the Communist Party of the Philipines. I asked someone about it at the time and they said there was an agreement that the commies wouldn’t dissrupt the tourist industry as the impact on the local folk would have been too great. I’m now wondering if it cointinues past the Chinese New Year rush.


yeah, that’s the one I think. A ‘friend of a friend’ was just there and I think he just stuck to the resort, something I normally don’t like to do but if I’m living in a treehouse near the beach I think I’ll not want to leave too much anyway. It’ll just be for a weeklong vaca so as long as the resort itself is safe I’m fine with that.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Actually the people there in Puerto Gallera are friendly by nature, at least most of them. There must be some reasons why some of you found them unfriendly. When I was there with my American friends they were nice to us but they were nicer to my American pals. Why? From what I’ve been told it’s bec. they thought I was a stuck up Asian from the States but when I had the chance to mingle with them they finally felt comfortable around me. Just make them feel that you are not a Proud Tourist especially when you are an Asian by race.

As for the TreeHouse and Puerto Gallera…I strongly suggest that you go to Boracay instead for vacation. Why? Check this out:

If you guys are interested we can arrange a tour for a group. Just PM me here or leave an email.


will have some holidays next month. want to go traveling before Chinese New year…(coz I am a Taiwanese girl, I am expected to go back to my parents’ house…) I want to be away from here at least for one week. But is it too dangerous to go traveling alone? or is it strange? I mean maybe others would think I am waiting for someone to pick me up…or maybe I will get drunk at the bar…
Is there anyone who have ever been there(cocobeach or boracayisland)?
can you give me some suggestions??
Last year I went to PP Island in Thailand…it was good, too…

Well, I am going to Cebu alone later this week…I’ll let you know how it goes, cryac615.


My girlfriend and I went to Boracay last Chinese New Year and it was excellent. We didn’t stay on the main beach. I prefer quieter places.

A friend had recommended we stay on the next beach north, it’s called Diniwid Beach. You can walk there from the main beach (but you’ll need a flashlight at night) or take one of the motorcycle/tricycle things. (I forget what you call them.) About 30 pesos per trip for the main beach to Diniwid.

We spent 600 pesos a night to stay right next to the beach in a really nice bungalow. I remember that next door to us was a German woman who told us she goes there every year for a month by herself and has no problems. (Although, I noticed she got plenty of attention from the German guys staying there. She seemed to be quite good at handling that.)

If you need more info, feel free to ask.

Beachside Queenslander,

What did you do there? Is there any activity I must do? maybe sound strange for a Taiwanese girl…I would like to go fishing as well. :smiley:


I can’t think of anything that’s an absolute “must do” other than lie on the beach and get tanned. Certainlt that was what we concentrated on.

Also, a massage in the shade of the palm trees beside the beach is available and that was something we did most days. I don’t remember the cost but it wasn’t outrageous. We also had a massage from a blind guy who was able to feel the scars from some leg-muscle injuries I suffered on various football fields over the years. He was very good.

When walking along the main beach tourists are always being approached by people offering boat trips for snorkelling, so they could probably offer fishing as well.

Basically, it’s a place for relaxing or windsurfing but I’m not into windsurfing.