Treo on the fritz

One year and two days after buying my Treo 650 (I lost the receipt/warranty anyway) I’m having trouble sending SMS’s.

For certain people only, when I hit the ‘send’ button the phone resets itself without sending the message. It sometimes receives messages OK, but I’m not sure it gets all of them.

If I turn it off overnight it generally resets when I turn it on. And then there are no new SMSs, I think it panics if they arrive after it’s been sleeping, and goes into some kind of fit that involves denying they ever existed. Anything arriving later is fine.

The weirdest thing is that changing someone’s name in my address book makes it possible to send SMS to them. It just seems to dislike certain names, all of a sudden.

I’m assuming it’s some kind of address book problem. I started synching to my office computer about the same time as this happened, and added addresses via the desktop. (Not the addresses I’m having trouble with though.) My ‘master’ computer is out of action for a while.

I guess the next step is a hard reset, now that my data is backed-up. But that means reinstalling the dictionary, which is on the other computer. :unamused:

Anyone any knowledge of this? Ideas? I’m pretty sure it’s all Gus’ fault, because every time something goes wrong we blame him, but don’t know what to do.

I had all sorts of problems with my first generation Treo. i will never buy another all in one phone.

Resets are a known issue with the 650, and mine still resets from time to time. Are you trying to sync with windows or mac? There are more problems with mac, as I found out. Have you updated the firmware yet? The palm website has a few downloads that you could try.

Oh yeah…my treo is slowly dying too. The space bar and the send button don’t work anymore. It’s annoying to have to use the period button to separate words. Anyone know a workaround?

Yeah. Buy a phone, and a PDA.

Tmwc, I suggest checking these forums:

[quote=“Edgar Allen”]I had all sorts of problems with my first generation Treo. i will never buy another all in one phone.[/quote][quote=“Edgar Allen”]Yeah. Buy a phone, and a PDA.[/quote]I will never buy a separate phone and PDA again. The second-generation Treos are completely different from the first-generation ones. Mine has been amazingly useful over the last year-and-a-half, with no problems. It’s a pity that tmwc’s Treo is having problems, but that’s not a reason to slam Treos overall. I don’t know of any make or model of PDA or phone that has never had any technical problems.