Triathlon in Taiwan

Does anyone on here get involved/know of any “local” races?

No, but would happily train with you, if you find one!

Aww you just missed one, there was a 1/2 ironman distance national down in Kenting the last weekend of Spring Scream. … action=CNA

[quote=“CJ”]Does anyone on here get involved/know of any “local” races?

oh, does anyone know about some rollerblading race?

I heard something about it but I can't find any information about it.  And are there anymore triathalons or mini triathalons happening this year.  

Also I run 1/2 marathons, I think the last one was last month if anyone knows of any more that are happening before november of this year let me know :smiley:.

hi - i am also keen to get back into some regular running and/or tri training.

the best running event calendar i have found is

i am also keen on any blading endurance type events - i was in upstate NY once and they clsoed down 2 lanes of an interstate for about 50km to run an event - awesome. still can’t find anywhere that sells speed skates though - every shop has “just sold out, more coming in next week”…

the weather is perfect at the moment!

I think I saw some in a shop on roosevelt, but not sure, they will probably have to order in your size anyway… (a week or so for rollerblade, others I’m not sure)

After having been dissapointed in the road racing scene in Taiwan, I’ve given triathlons a try. I’ve been happily surprised to find that they are very well organized and loads of fun This year will have a total of 8 races. Including the 1/2 ironman that was held in Kending a few weeks ago.

Here are a few locations for more information:
This has the most complete list of all running, biking and triathlons in Taiwan.
Taiwan’s offical triahlon organization.
For full disclosure, this is my blog. But there is a fair about of English language info up there on tri racing here in Taiwan.

ooh thanks for that web page! I’ve been looking for another 1/2 marathon to run! Quick question though, does anyone know how to register for these races? there is one on 5/28 21km that I really want to do but it’s not throught the CTRRA so I have no clue how to sign up for it… :help:

Thanks for all the help.

kevin - I’d found your website and we have emailed each other off this board before. I was, however, struggling with the CTTA website as I can’t read Mandarin and couldn’t easily find any translations anywhere.
Sorted now as I have managed to enter the Hualien race on 20 May.
i have one eye on the tri in late September then the Phuket Laguna Beach tri before IM NZ or Im Oz next spring :smiley:

Edgar - where are you based? I’m living in TienMu so most of my running and cycling is done there. I’m swimming a couple of lunchtimes a week at a public pool on Minzu Rd nr Yuanshan stadium (next to a fire station). At most I’ve seen 6/8 people using it at a lunchtime so it’s great.



I’m in Taipei, Live and work around Zhong Hsiao E Rd. Would be happy to ride out and join you for a ride/run at some point. PM me.

EA - I am in your vicinity (near Heping W Rd) - happy to meet you or anyone else for early morning riding (need to be home by 7:30am). I often head out the graveyard rd, Mujha, XiDing, Nankang etc.

Most of my running is trail running in the hills - very accessable from my place.

How fit do I need to be to do a triathlon? To what level should I bring my cardio up to?

A very weak, broad and general question, but could I just be reasonably fit and do one (and not die)?

I have a freind back home who did a mini triathlon, with absolutly no problems. And she is definatly not what I would call fit. From what I understand as long as you are in reasonably good shape and do some endurance training you should be fine. You biggest enemy (if you are already mostly fit, I presume it’s the same as with a marathon) is going to be lactic acid build up. And your body just generally being used to endurance activities. Anyone who knows more about it than me (so almost anyone :wink:) feel free to correct me if I’m wrong at all :slight_smile:

Entering races-
All the race entry information (for running and triathlons) is in Chinese. Basically you’ll go to the website, download and fill out a form, then mail it in with entry fee using a ‘cash bag’ ( 現金袋). So if your Chinese is as poor as mine, you’ll need someone to help out. Then you’ll receive instructions in the mail about how to pick you your race number, often about a week before the race.

There are two upcoming races, they have been closed to entry for some time. However, there are three later in the year that are still open or have yet to open for entry. Kending in September, Taipei in November and Taidong in October.

If you’re looking to just survive the race, then most anyone in decent shape can finish. My advice is not to underestimate the swim. Aside from the obvious, anyone can go for a long bike ride and you can walk the 10k if need be. The first 100m of the entire race are the toughest as a mass start in the swim equates to an underwater scrum. Many weaker swimmers don’t make it through this let along the whole swim. Needless to say this is the best part of the race for the spectators.

If you’re in excellent condition, what out for the bike to run transition. It’s something that really needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Can we say, “feel the burn”?