Tricky issue at hand here

Okay I’ve got a few legal-twister questions that I was wondering if any of you can help out with:

I was born in the US and obviously have US citizenship and passport. However, since my parents are both Taiwanese I was able to get an ROC passport.
My ROC passport does not have the “wai qiao (外僑)” stamp on it. The Exit and Entry permit on it is long expired already.

As of now I’m in Taiwan on my US passport w/ resident visa (work permit) so I have an ARC as well. I have physically been in Taiwan for like 3 years already and each time I stay it would be for like half a year and I have not left the country for more than 30 days every time I leave.

However, my ARC will expire at the end of this year 12/31 and if I’m not able to renew my contract with my boss by the end of the year, would I have to leave the country in order to get a visitor visa so that I can come back? Or is it something I can do while I’m here in Taiwan?

Also, let’s say if I were to bite the bullet and apply for a Taiwan ID card (身分證), would I have to get drafted for physically being in Taiwan for such a long time? I know about the whole “leave every 4 months if using the ROC passport” thing, but does the duration of me being here on the US passport also count as if I was here on the ROC passport? I haven’t used my ROC passport in 3 years.

Another question I have is that if I wanted to get a new Exit and Entry permit for my ROC passport, do I have to apply for it outside of Taiwan or could I just go to the NIA tomorrow and apply for it? Keep in mind that I am here on my US passport.