Trinity Indian Foods Store and other ingredient sources

Every time I go into Trinity - Indian Foods store - close to City Hall MRT I have the strangest conversations.

It starts with ‘buy 2 bags instead of 1’, proceeds rapidly to ‘what else can I sell you’, and culminates quickly with ‘want to buy a digital camera?’ The guy, his name is Jobi, is a total nutcase and will not stop. Blah blah blah, 5.1 megapixels, blah blah, how about an indian cookbook, blah blah, very cheap, blah blah, special offer, blah blah, look at these pictures, blah blah, try it for yourself, blah blah, some punjabi spices? No? How about some indian music VCDs? And so on. Actually it’s kind of fun and I can’t help liking the guy.

Anyway, I somehow gave him one of my email adresses. Here are his latest offerings, for which I take absolutely no responsibility. This is a shameless ad on their behalf, but someone may find it useful:


Excellent offers with Fujitech 5.1 Mega Pixels Camera.

( offers valid until May 10 th)

New arrivals :

Multi Media Card - 256 MB,512 MB

CD R - 700 MB, 52 X

Dear Friends,

Are you interested in digital and wireless products ?

We have the dealership of Fujitech and if you need any of their products like Digital Cameras,Pendrive with MP3,Wireless Products, Flash Memory Products, Networking Products etc, pls don’t hesitate to contact us.All these items are available at our Super Stores.

Pls have a look and realize the uniqueness.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we can offer the following
Fujitech products with handsome prices.

DIGITAL CAMERA - 5.1 MEGA PIXELS . ( Spl offer till May 10 th)

SD CARD - 128 MB
Multi Media Card - 64 MB,128 MB
Multi Media Card - 256 MB,512 MB
6 IN 1
CD R - 700 MB, 52 X

Pls visit their web site for more product information.

Note : All products carry one year warranty.

Thanks & Regards,

Jobi Paul[/quote]

And this one


New Arrivals:

  1. Black Channa

  2. Fresh Frozen Samosa

  3. Maida

  4. Indian Pure Ghee

Dear All,

Indian Spices are the STRENGTH of India & Indians.

We take pleasure to introduce our company as a leading importer and distributor of Indian spices ,Indian spice Masalas,Indian Instant Food Mixes, Pulses ,Pickles, Snacks ,Sweets etc in Taiwan.

Kindly refer the updated price / product list.

Should you have any requirement for INDIAN SPICES AND FOOD PRODUCTS, please do contact us and we would be most pleased to offer our excellent services.

The history and culture of Indian spices is probably as old as human civilization itself. The Vedas, the Bible and the Quran are all replete with references - direct or indirect - to Indian spices. The earliest literary record in India on spices is the Rig Veda (around 6000 BC), and the other three Vedas - Yajur, Sama and Atharva

Ecofarming is widely practiced and popularised in India with the availability of bio pesticides, bio agents and organic manures. India is capable of supplying a wide range of organically grown spices from white pepper to vanilla and spice products from tamarind paste to vanilla powder/butter. Organic herbs commercially cultivated in India are Basil, Rosemary, Mint, Thyme, Bay Leaf, Oregano & Sage and are used for culinary purposes and medicinal/cosmetic applications. The rich and varied agro-climatic condition/zones in India offers vast scope for commercial production of a variety of herbs from Mint to Parsley to Oregano.

No country in the world produces as many kinds of spices as India. At present, India produces around 3.2 million tonnes of different spices valued at approximately 4 billion US $, and holds the premier position in the world. Because of the varying climates - from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate-almost all spices are grown in this country. In almost all of the 27 states and seven union territories of India, at least one spice is grown in abundance.

Indian Spices are the STRENGTH of India & Indians.

Thanks & Regards,

Jobi Paul[/quote]

Their address is:

M/s. Trinity Super Stores,
2 / F, NO : 137, Chung Shiao East Road,
Sec 5, Taipei,Taiwan.

MRT station : Taipei City Hall MRT Station,Exit # 4, Two Minutes straight walking.

TEL: + 886 2 27567992 , FAX :+ 886 2 27568042

Email :

Pretty droll hard sell but who cares? They sold me as soon as I saw “black channa.” I’ve never seen them here before and they’re much tastier than normal chickpeas.

Have you ever been in this store?, is it any good?
I’d like some fine curry powder.

[quote=“igorveni”]Have you ever been in this store?, is it any good?
I’d like some fine curry powder.[/quote]
Never been there, but it looks like they’ve got a damn good selection of stuff. I gotta chec kit out

I’ve been past it. It is on the 2nd floor of No. 137, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road - on the north side of the road, east of the Jilong Road junction and the filling station, very close to the exit of Taibei City Government MRT station.

This sounds yummy!

Great! A lot of the spices I used to buy from Asian supermarkets in Britain. Never tried the hair oil though.

Not only is this Trinity place a nice store, but they’ll even deliver islandwide. :discodance:
Email them and ask for a pdf listing of their products; then email them a shopping list, and they’ll tell you the bill including shipping; you wire the money and then they ship.

[quote]0926270233 (Hotline)
137/2F Chungxiao E Road,Sec 5
Taipei, Taiwan.
Tel : +886 2 2756 7992 (Direct)
Fax : +886 2 2756 8042 (Direct)[/quote]
gurvind at trinityworldwide dot com

A nice store indeed, nice people running it. Been digging those “Jordan’s fennel” type candies. Bought an Indian cookbook that I’ll prolly never use lol

I’ll take it off your hands if you want. I’m eager to learn Indian.

Nah I’ll get around to it it sooner or later. Think they still had a few copies left though.

Great find, I was just looking for a indian shop since my Cardamom supplies from Germany ran out… I didn’t spot it at first (gotta click the photo), but they have prices online:

An Indian friend of mine in Hsinchu heard that Trinity are about to start offering Indian lunchboxes.

Is this guy still around? Looking for ghee…

Yeah, still around AFAIK. I’ll move this to Food, too.

Yes, I was in Trinity a week or two ago. Great selection of products, but I’d stick with the dry goods; I think a bit of re-labeling goes on with things like ghee (I once peeled off a label with one date and found another date stamped onto the bottom of the tin). Now I just make my own ghee. (Short version: simmer butter, skimming off top, until clear.) (And in summer at least, keep it in the fridge. You’ll need to carve out the amount you want, but I really don’t trust how liquified it becomes when kept at Taiwanese summer room temperature.)

I forget if there are directions earlier in the thread. In case there aren’t: go to Taipei City Hall station, and leave by the exit opposite the Mitsukoshi exit - exit 4? Walk along the main road, and it’s in one of the second floor offices after you’ve passed a couple of alleys. When you go in the building it really seems like you’re in the wrong place, but just go up the stairs and it’s there on the second floor.

My address book says it’s closed on Mondays.

By the way, I’ve only dealt with near-silent clerks there. They do have a storeroom with different package sizes - last time they only had giant lifetime supply bags of atta flour out front, but they had smaller five-year supply ones in the back.

Best directions are exit 4 of City Hall Station, and it’s immediately past the Dante coffee on the second floor.


(no sarc here…I’m a firm believer in the benefits of the ayurved)

Ah. Thanks for that bit of intel. I know how to make ghee… will stick with that. The last city I lived in I could just buy it at a nearby Indian restaurant and I got used to the easy solution.

They’ve never done a hard sell on me. They have a very wide selection, and if you don’t see what you want, just ask for it. It helps to jot down the Hindi names for things too, as on occasion they will know one name and not the other. The sales person there today, Neville, was very friendly and helpful.