Trip report on Tawu Mtn Nature Preserve, Taimali, Chihben

Just got back from 3 glorious days in Taidong. There were so few people out and about that I honestly felt like I was driving my scooter around in a deserted county. So deserted was it, that monkeys were perched on the guardrails in broad daylight on the main road going into Chihben: … 64641.html

Very nice report. Very sad to see the reserve being used so poorly. So looks like that gorge you mentioned in another thread can be visited year round. Wonder what it’s like during CNY?

I can’t see there being very many -if any- people in either gorge -Chihben or Taimali- during CNY, although it’s possible there could be some people on 4X4s in the latter.

by the way, I just fixed those links to George Schaller and Clouded Leopards