Trip to Bhutan

Anyone ever gone there as part of a tour group from Taiwan? How was it and how much did it cost?

I’ve heard that a very limited number of visas are given out each year.

Here is some info from the Bhutan Tourism Bureau site: “Travelers to Bhutan are permitted only as a member of a commercially organized tour group. This can be done directly through us. The price for any holiday is set by the Royal Government of Bhutan and it covers all accommodation costs, all meals, transport, services of licensed guides etc., There are surcharges on individuals [I thought it just said you had to be part of a tour group!?] and groups of less than four people.”

That is how they’re trying to save their country from masstourism and westernization. It has worked so far.

You might try

Mesheel, have you been there?

My bro-in-law goes there quite often on business – he’s in forestry research. I’ll email him and see if he has any info for you.

Sandman, that would be excellent. Is he the sort who likes to meet new people and show them around Bhutan, by any chance? By the way, you might mention to him that I’ve long had a deep fascination with forestry research and firmly believe that it is among the most noble professions. Big tree fan I am.

No, but I’d love to and btw, when I was younger I’ve worked in the tree nursery during every vacation… :wink:

Well, as Willie’s such a curmudgeon that he makes me look like Doris Day, I think you could probably find better tour guides! Seriously though, I’m sure he’ll have some useful info. Even though he’s usually away in the wilds clambering around in trees most of the time, he’s bound to have some insights. We’ll see. Anyway, he’s away in Chile right now, so it’ll be a while before I get a response from him.

The price of tours to Bhutan is fixed at US$200 per day. I think this, along with limited transport options to get there, pretty much limits the amount of tourists visiting the country.

Search via google and you will find no shortage of tour operators willing to take your money.