Trivia question: What is the right word for ...?

I’m trying to identify a word in English. It may well not exist as a single adjective.

It would describe someone who expects those around him to serve him, wait on him hand and foot. Someone who has an overblown sense of self-importance. Like an overbearing houseguest who wants everyone at his beck and call.

There are many words that describe a piece of this, but not all of it. Words like magisterial, exigent, haughty, demanding, etc.

The right word includes most of that, but also includes a (false) sense of entitlement.

So, any ideas?



[quote=“Hondu Grease”]American???

Good one. OK, maybe I stepped right into that.

And if we wanted another word??? :wink:

Tealit moderator?

I meant Tealit as one word, and moderator as another choice. Well, not really…my master hasn’t finished programming me correctly.

Damn you! I’m pretty sure I know exactly what you mean, and I’m sure there’s a word, but I can’t think of it.

sandman. Where’s my bloody coffee?

“Uppity” is close, but it’s not quite there, is it?

Try sticking “uppity” into a thesaurus and see if any words come up that suit the bill.

Any of these help?

backbreaker, ball-breaker, bothersome, clamorous, dictatorial, difficult, exacting, exhausting, fussy, grievous, hard, imperious, importunate, insistent, nagging, onerous, oppressive, pressing, trying, urgent, wearing, weighty

What is this “single-adjective” needed for? Can you cobble together your own adjectives with hyphens? For example:

I hate those self-important, expecting-to-be-served-at-every-beck-and-call posters.


To describe a person that meets the description. :homer:

Pooh-Bah n.

  1. A pompous ostentatious official, especially one who, holding many offices, fulfills none of them.
  2. A person who holds high office.

Ah ha! I just figured it out, but I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want to spoil the fun for everybody else.

I’d say “prima donna”.

Unless I were in a Seinfeldesque universe, in which case it’d be “delicate genius” or “Constanza”.



I can’t think of a single adjective that is going to cover all of the meanings
that you would like it to. You probably need to use a phrase like:
…sense of importance or …sense of entitlement in combination with words such as exaggerated, unrealistic, selfish and inflated.
eg. He has an inflated sense of entitlement.

i was thinking “imperious” as well. “imperative” and “haughty” also seem to be in the same ballpark.


Fox entered the apartment in his typically supercilious manner demanding a coffee and a back scratch before I had time to snivel around and ask him to please remove his shoes.