Trouble Applying NWOHR - Does my parent need to renew their Taiwan Passport prior to me applying?

There’s nothing illegal about it.

My siblings were already US/Taiwan/HK triple citizens the moment they were born. They naturally (and legally) acquired all three citizenships from our parents.

In my case, I was born in a different country from my siblings but I eventually obtained triple citizenship fully legally, and in accordance to the Chinese Nationality Law. There’s nothing to “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

This is optional. You could be a separate household at the same address with no relationship showing. If you’re using a friend’s address this is probably a better idea.
This is how my husband’s household registration is at his sister’s address

There’s a name for it in Chinese but I can’t remember it now

I could only find the English translation copy on my phone and it’s translated as ‘Independent living household’

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nwohr and nwhr are more like non citizen national and citizen national of US. An overseas born taiwanese is a taiwanese nwohr by birth, but without an application for passport, they are not recognized.
not like a roc national born in taiwan ect who just need to registration for hhr, overseas born nwohr should apply for hhr and when you get a hhr you get a citizenship.

I think you’re over-complicating things. In Taiwan (and most countries) there is no distinction between the word “national” and “citizen” They are both 國民. In Taiwan, there are two types of 國民. One has HHR and the other one doesn’t, but they are both 國民.

(But I know in the UK you can be an overseas national without citizenship, if that’s what you’re talking about.)

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yes, and you can think hhr is a citizenship. national with citizenship and national without citizenship.

I guess it’s semantics then. Taiwan’s laws are in Chinese so there is no legal basis for what constitutes a “citizen” vs. a “national” in English.

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I’ve had this argument with others before. It goes nowhere.

Generally nationals and citizens are synonymous. It’s just nuanced in some countries/territories

Taiwan’s law does not distinguish between nationals and citizens wither. It only distinguishes between those with and without household registration


yes, but that would be the easiest way to explain to people who come from western countries.

I’m western, doesn’t make it easier. But I prefer accuracy generally.

Not really. The UK and the US both technically have legal distinctions between a national and a citizen, but nobody actually knows that unless they are immigration lawyers or they are from that obscure UK/US territory. If you ask any British or American or any other English-speaking Westerner what those two words mean, they’ll tell you they are the same thing.

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Seeing how there isn’t a country called Satellite TV I guessed it was your profession, and I guessed right!


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Like HongKonger explained, the HHR is a record of a Citizen’s physical address. Once you’ve been entered into the HHRO’s database, you will receive the HHR Booklet (戶口名簿) which is a Certificate containing all your Personal Information. And yes! this booklet will have a unique identifying number called the “戶號”. A screenshot of my HHR is given below for your reference.

This “戶號” is needed when you’re applying for Govt. handouts like the COVID Relief Stimulus package etc.

The Chinese term is “獨立戶” which is what I’m currently using now at my rental place. My Landlord’s info is nowhere to be seen at my HHR as it is separate although we both share the same address.


Tando as you said living in taiwan for a year is not needed so it means your nwohr passport can apply for hhr and the taiwan i.d.will handout immediately?
2)is this law also applicable if a brother or sister which have a taiwan i.d.will petition my mum to taiwan as nwohr passport holder so the 1 year living will not be required anymore also and can apply upon entry to taiwan an hhr and taiwan i.d.immediately?
3)is a medical check up still be required?

:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: i have 3 questions above

It is still needed. The law hasn’t come into effect yet.

exemption of 1 year living is just if your parent had a hhr when you were born.
medical check will be still required.

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I wonder if they will apply that to people born in Taiwan who did not get citizenship at birth who get their Taiwan national passports overseas? Let’s see if they include them.

It applies to anyone who is naturally eligible for a NWOHR passport and TARC through their parents at birth.

if your parent were a nwohr when you were born, then they got a hhr later, you are eligible to nwohr and tarc through the parent but still need to live for a year.