Trouble playing certain DVD's

I bought Doctor Who Season 1 (new series) from Carrefour a while a go. It was on the bargain table. I doesn’t look damaged, but I can’t seem to play the shows at the end of the disk. I should say… all of the disks. That is very strange. I’ve tried three dvd players.

I did not want to return the disks because I could not find them anywhere else and I was under the impression that because you can’t copy DVD’s legally, you can get a replacement disk at a small cost.

I found out that the company who produced this box is no longer in the DVD business. I could not get any where with the current licensee. We didn’t quite understand each other.

Would the BBC be able to sell me a replacement? Did any one else get this box set? Does yours work ok? Care to lend me your set? If it’s ok, I can (censored) it and return it to you in a few days. I did buy the set legally. If you have the same problem, did you find a work around?