Trouble with downloading web encoding

I bought a laptop some time ago here (Win ME, Chinese) and have been very happy with it except that for some reason I can’t read simplified websites.

I go to a site with simplified characters and it automatically begins to download the necessary code. Unfortunately, about five seconds later it gives me an error message that says that my safety level is too high, even after I move it to the lowest setting.

I’ve searched in vain for someplace where I can try downloading GB manually.

Any advice from more technologically advanced folks than myself or should I just bring it in to the shop quick while it’s still under warrantee?

when you run windows update for windows ME, it should give you options for downloading the different language packs. Just select it and let windows update install it for you.


I tired that but didn’t see anything about language packs. When I searched for it, it said it was for Office XP (which I don’t have) and said nothing about IE. Is that still what I’m looking for?

reading something on a web site has nothing to do with Office XP unless you are reading an Office document. If you are reading a web site, it should only deal with your browser. You should be able to change the encoding based on changing the decoding language. When you get on to the site again, check the encoding under the view pull down menu and check if it has and is using simplified character set. Select it if it’s not using it and it should try to download something from your install disk or microsoft itself. It should take you to the Microsoft site based on what I used to use with the English version of Windows ME. If that does not work, try downloading NJstar. It’s a shareware program that will let you read Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in all your applications. I have to say Microsoft put out a lot of crap but Windows ME takes the cake for the worst product Microsoft has put out. If all else fails, I would suggest going back to Windows 98 or XP. They are a lot better OS than WinMe. I’m using a Chinese version of Windows XP Pro and it’s a lot better than WinMe but worst than English Windows 2000.