Trouble with new topic in tech forum

I was unable to post a new topic to the tech forum.

In order to get my topic there, I had to post it in my forum and then move the thread. But once it was in Tech, I was unable to modify it.

I can’t post in the Open Forum. “email template not found”

same prob when replyin’ to a thread in the tech forum.

ok, i think it works now.

I’ve uploaded all the ENGLISH templates to the different languages.

This means that those who chose Traditional Chinese as their forum language will see their notifications in English.

Why do we have different language options if they are all going to use English? Well, hopefully, we (as in me plus anyone who searches www.phpbbcom, etc.) will find the other languages and then upload them in their proper places on this website. To answer the question: the new Segue Calendar came with 8 additional language sets. I uploaded them, without realizing that they contained templates only for the calendar (duh), and that if people chose them, the General error related to the email template would occur. The Segue Calendar was upgraded this way 2 or 3 days ago.

If there are no more reports of problems like this, then this may prove my theory that it results from someone having Forum notification turned on AND having chosen Chinese as their forum language.

One more thing. The cellphone deal thread in the Tech forum only show one reply (my test) but there have been more. Wasn’t sure if it would cause trouble in the future, but me test went through fine.

Apparently, e-mail notification is connected to some of the “counters” of the forum (uh, geek speak for Count Variables – hmm, is this any clearer?)

I don’t expect this General Error anymore.