TRT in Taiwan (or any help regarding my low testosterone)

Hello everyone,

I am a 36 years old guy and when i was younger and living outside of Taiwan, i had my testosterone checked and it was quite low. I talked with my endocrinologist (the appointment was about another health problem) but I didn’t want to do anything about it as i did not feel it was a real problem at the moment.

Now i am getting older, and i think it might start being a problem (regarding my sexual life, but also workouts) and i would like to know if it is easy here to get an appointment with an endocrinologist (main problem is I don’t speak chinese of course… :frowning: ). I am living in Taichung.

Do you guys have any advice about this ? If you know a good hospital in Taipei, I could for sure go there if needed. Any idea about the price ? Should I ask for a specific treatment ?

I’ve read some topics here, and it looks like some do it OTC. This is not my first choice as my goal is only to improve my health / life and I am bit scared to do it on my own. But I am quite lost regarding things like TRT, and I’ve read that it is something really common in USA and no need to overthink it so would be open to any advices.

So any advices / comments would be really appreciated.
Thank you guys,

Calling @Andrew0409

Find a large hospital. Walk in. Go to the information desk. Say you wish to make an appointment for 內分泌門診部. (Obviously show them this in your phone.)

Alternatively make an appointment for a family doctor in any hospital or clinic (家庭醫師). They can refer you.

Do not at any point point to your testicles with a thumbs down motion.


Thanks a lot. Will try to find the largest hospital here in Taichung. Because I need to find someone who can speak English to me :smiley:

Would definitely go for some advices if I should try to ask for specific treatment. I know the doctor will be here to help me, but I also know that sometimes it is better to have some clues about what you will be asking for. I am lost about TRT and I have no idea if there are different types for example . Will read about it but open to advices !

Actually thinking about it I think it’s the infertility clinic you might need. Specifically reproductive endocrinology. 生殖系統內分泌. Obviously there’s an overlap.

All the doctors can speak English well enough.

I don’t know how accommodating they will be to TRT.

This is what my Americans friends do. They get blood testing done and send the report to the US and do telemedicine. They get their own testosterone at the pharmacy here.

Whatever you do, do the injections. The cream from what I’ve heard sucks. It’s hard to get the exact amount with the cream and it doesn’t release is a steady rate so a lot of people don’t like it.

That’s bad news. As I am not an American citizen, I hope they will be accommodating if something needs to be done. Or I guess I will need to look for OTC but I don’t want to mess with my health.

No difference. You’ll pay out of pocket anyways.

I’ve heard good things about this guy.

It’s not hard to manage yourself after some research. Nothing to micromanage.


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Oh you mean I should go to the labo here, get my results then telemedicine with US and get my testo here using the American document ? Sorry, just want to be sure that I did get it

I may do that if it is too complicated to get a Taiwanese doc give me some TRT but will still need to see if I can find some OTC I guess

It’s a urologist you need, not an endocrinologist. The procedure should be something like: (i) go see the urologist, (ii) do the blood test(s) (this should ideally be done in the morning, apparently, when testosterone is naturally highest - so something to consider if you were intending to come to Taipei specifically for this), (iii) go back a week later for the results and to decide on a course of treatment.

I’ve been having the injections every 3 weeks for the last 6 months or so - my testosterone levels were within the normal range but on the low end of it (probably not helped by poor sleeping habits and stress), so I decided to give it a go and the urologist was fine with that. I haven’t noticed a huge difference personally (probably should still work on the sleeping habits and stress haha), but YMMV.

I can recommend a decent English-speaking urologist at TMUH in Taipei, but you’re probably better off trying to sort it out in Taichung given the need for repeat visits. I can’t imagine you’d have much difficulty finding an English-speaking doctor at a major hospital there, and I’d personally prefer to do it through a doctor rather than attempting to self-medicate. (This also means you can test your levels and keep an eye on your PSA and liver enzymes, which my urologist does every 3 months.)

The triweekly injections are covered by NHI, so just the TMUH copayment of NT$440 each time. According to my urologist (and memory), there’s also a longer-lasting injection that only needs to be administered every three months or so, but that’s apparently not covered by NHI and costs several thousand. I don’t remember him mentioning any creams or tablets being covered when we discussed the options.

Hey, thanks ! That helps a lot.
Any idea for the Chinese word for urologist ?
Were you the one that talked about TRT or did he mention it by himself ?
Thanks again,

No idea - if I answered you, I’d just be doing it using Google Translate haha.

I went to see the urologist and asked about it. The story is a bit convoluted, but I’d previously done a testosterone test through a rheumatologist a year or two ago alongside some other tests, so I knew it was on the low end of the normal range (I’m a similar age to you) and went to check it again last year. The urologist suggested that I could try the injections if I want, despite my levels not being strictly too low, so I figured I’d give it a go.

most of big hospitals have online appointment service. in English.

I don’t think T levels stay very consistent with that kind of shot.

I do 200mg every 5 days.
That’s $8760 a year.
Just a bit more than you pay per year, but no hospital trips. I’m surprised there’s not better economic incentives to do it through prescription.

Are you prescribed Arimidex to control estrogen levels? I take 1/2mg twice weekly. Some guys may need 1mg twice weekly.

You could do it every 7-10 days for about $6000/yr, but T levels will fluctuate a bit more.


You may well be right - I haven’t looked into it too much to be honest. The medicine is Sustanon 250.

What is it that you use, and where do you get it from? Do you inject yourself? I’m assuming this is in Taiwan?

I’m not prescribed anything else other than that.

I use Testosterone Cypionate from the local Taiwan drug store. Do the injections myself.