TRT in Taiwan (or any help regarding my low testosterone)

Are there not any issues associated with that? Like monitoring your levels of testosterone or PSA? It seems a bit…dangerous?

At first I went to the clinic and paid for blood work a couple times a year to make sure things were in order. Once you get it locked in you can do it every few years to check for changes, but I haven’t had any major changes in about 15 years on TRT.

You’ll have to assess the dangers yourself. Any kind of therapy can have unwanted effects, even if from the hospital. In my view, I think the benefits outweigh and risks under 400mg/wk. But only you can decide what’s right for you.

I’d love to try the daily subcutaneous method, but the vials are single use 1ml here and I don’t want to keep loaded syringes around.


chief, 200mg a week is like a bodybuilder steroid cycle…? are you doing body building or something that seems really really high for 5 days.

200mg a week is about right for TRT to my knowledge. A famous YouTuber who documented his TRT transition and does 175mg a week.

that seems to me like a light cycle of steroids…above 200mg a week is considered
“sports” T R T?

Is that NT or USD?

That’s NT. I am also on HRT in Taiwan. If you take 200mg test C every week, it’s 120nt/wk, which is cheaper than the hospital visits for official HRT, even if you add an estrogen inhibitor. I don’t need one because my E levels always stay normal, but you’ll need bloodwork to be sure. Any clinic can do full blood work for about 6K. If you start HGH injections, costs rise fast.

Most docs in the biz say a thing under 400mg/wk is safe. After that you need to worry about cardiomegaly and other side effects. It’s high end normal range.

I honestly think anything above 200-300-400 mg range is a steroid cycle for bodybuilders, you will raise your anabolic ability like crazy. If creatine is a 1 on a scale of 10, T R T is like a 5-6 but if you are pinning 400mg a week you are doing a steroid cycle and it’s not longer considered T r T.

Here is the down side, you need to seriously be careful about pinning super physiological levels of testosterone, because you will SHUT your self down. You will shrink your balls as they stop producing natural test, and if you ever get off test you better hope your natural levels can kick back up with a “post cycle therapy” of like nova and clomid. otherwise you are stuck pinning a needle into your ass for the rest of your life to keep your test levels flowing, but hey it works for notorious fake natty like the Dwayne the rock Johnson.

Anyway, I would like to get my test levels checked as I am now getting older and I am very much active into weight lifting, but have never dabbled into the use of such anabolic, but I am always curious what TRT would give me, but I think people who have normal levels should be careful with the use of TRT as you could honestly be pretty healthy and fine and just need to readjust some lifestyle habits, unless you just want be juiced up like the rock.

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On the subject.
Below 500 ng/dl is the minimum requirement to perform well /,your choice as to which.
Have a detailed blood test not just Total Testosterone
Educate yourself on the subject
Start with a low dose 100 mg a week and increase if not enough. 200 mg is more than enough for most.
Pinning more often works for some psychologically and cannot be proved physically, dont be a pin cushion.

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