True colour camera

Oooo… this is interesting and exciting.

If it works in a hockey rink, I’d line up for one.

Which human eye, though?

Which human eye, though?[/quote]
I was going to ask the same question!

This sort of camera wouldn’t be useful for the average user. It supposedly has a much larger color gamut than other digital cameras, but you literally wouldn’t be able to see the difference unless you had a crazy expensive monitor and printer that could actually display/print something with that large of a gamut. Anyhow, my guess is that if you want better hockey pics, you probably want something with even better high ISO abilities. There isn’t much useful color information that your current camera isn’t capturing with the sickly fluorescent lights in a hockey rink.

High ISO would be great, but 50% of my quickie edits is colour. It can be quite a ghastly shift.

Have you ever tried setting a custom white balance based on the ice? That should keep things looking correct.

I have. Unfortunately neither the ice nor the lighting is uniform: some parts of the ice come out pink, some blue; some overblown, some decidedly dark.
It’s a real pain in the ass.

I just would like a camera that can see as well in the dark as a human eye…

Which human eye, though?[/quote]
I was going to ask the same question![/quote]
Hmmm… Stevie Wonder’s, perhaps?

Canon 1D Mk IV comes close. … s-back-up/

Canon 1D Mk IV comes close. … s-back-up/[/quote]

Ooooh that is a nice camera. Pity about the pricetag of 5k USD. I’d get one if it were affordable.