True Fitness - membership sign up

Hey y’all, would like to share my membership sign up experience with True Fitness near Guting. I regularly go to the gym and I enjoy Les Mills classes as i used to be an instructor back in Australia and Indonesia.
Here is what happened when I signed up in early July 2013:

I talked with an English speaking membership consultant (his name was Eagle) and went straight into talking membership options.
He first said membership prices were usually NT3088 a month or something around that
I told him I was aware World Gym offers NT 1700 a month and other friends who go to True Fitness are paying 1688 and 1998 respectively and they had to include sign up fees. I then asked him if he could do better than any of those prices.
He quoted me NT40800 for 24 months plus 2 months free. This would be upfront with no other fees included. He also said if I wanted to cancel, I could sell my membership for the remaining months I had. If I divide this by 26 months, I am paying 1570 a month. I decided to take it up after researching forumosa as well as asking people how much they are paying at TF.

If you have the cash and you know you will be around for the long term, then paying upfront for 2 years and 2 months is the best option. However, the risks would be

  • if True fitness shuts down, I will lose my membership
  • if I have to leave Taipei for good, I could sell my membership and pay them a small transfer card fee.
  • if I move out from the Guting area, I would need to travel to the gym which means extra transport costs.

I would like to know if others are on a better deal or your experience with True Fitness. I am enjoying the facilities they offer and I think its good value. I really enjoy the LM classes but the downside is that you need to book those classes well in advance online as they get booked up fast! As far as Im aware, you are only allowed one class per day. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a member of True for years and I have quite enjoyed my experience. I lost a bunch of money when Alexander gym closed down as I was just a new member when it happened, but True has been very good and I don’t expect bankruptcy to be a major concern with them ( of course there is always a chance, but probably a small one )

I can’t remember what I paid exactly, but I believe it works out to just about 2000$ per month. Mine is a little more expensive because I have an all club membership for True Fitness / Yoga / Dance. I’d definitely recommend True Fitness as it’s probably the nicest gym in Taipei and the price is quite reasonable for all that you get with it. There was talk for a while of them opening up a new location at Taipei City Hall right underneath the True Yoga that’s already there, but I think those plans are on hold for a while now. Too bad, because I live 2 minutes away.

Thanks for the updated membership info. I’ll use it as a reference and try to beat that price when I have to renew my membership this November :slight_smile: