True or false. Most people who criticize and pick on others have some insecurity issue

What do you think? Any truth to that statement?

I tend to disagree with most general claims that start with “only” or have the words “always” or “never.” Some people deserve criticism, and that’s why they get it. Sometimes the criticism is disproportionate. Some people may criticize because they lack self confidence; others may criticize because they have too much of it. In the end, we are all only human, but we are humans together.

You’re right. I should change the title to “Most”.

Ahhh, but that is the question isn’t it? Are we all humans? :wink:

In real life maybe, I am not a dick in real life, but here, I just read so much crap that I feel the need to settle people’s hash on occasion.

It just seems like when people state it in writing, they believe it that much more than if they were just spouting off round the local watering hole.

Maybe, but you’re formulating a very specific inquiry here with “need” and “are”. I don’t need to criticize people but sometimes, with good reason, I like to… and it’s got zip to do with insecurity.

Another good point. I should change the title again.

So, why do you “like” to criticize people? Does it makes you feel good to criticize others? Or do you criticize to help someone change their behavior?

I pick on anyone that does not take up the slack.
This perimetre is some serious shit, and it ain’t getting any better.

Security issues?
Several, at the moment.
Only, isolated incidents, mind you.
The piquets shall head them off.

Other, than that, all is well on the odd toll.
We are secure.
Been otherwise, no fun.
Never again, man.

Reinforcements due soon.
Take them out of the outer wire.
And bring them ALL back, baby!

That’s something I pay a lot of attention to when I first meet someone. If they find fault with every person in their life, you’re next. Doesn’t matter how special they think you are now, or how kind they’re being to you. Particularly scary are the ones who ascribe another’s faults to some deep and complex psychological issues. Scarier still are those who try to “bond” with you using the “it’s you and me against the world” ideation, or “You and me are good, everyone else are fucktards” way of looking at things. They might like you now but if their heart is oriented toward hating on everyone else, your day will come soon enough.

Also I find that people who “pick on” others also “pick on” themselves harshly. So I guess the insecurity thing holds true.

And everyone has some “insecurity issue” to some degree. If they don’t, they’re a socio-path. Insecurity, though uncomfortable, is what keeps us humans human. Often insecurities are the ties that bind.
It’s just whether a person responds to their insecurities with shame (trying to hide them, even from themselves, and responding with violent emotion when they are “outted”) or with vulnerability (acknowledging them, perhaps with some degree of chagrin, but realizing that everyone has flaws and insecurities about those flaws).

I’d say chances are high they have some sort of issue, be it insecurity? Not always.

Not true, in the art community the best thing you can get is critics, good or bad nevertheless not everyone is qualified to do it. So again not black and white thing. I think mindless criticizing is more a maturity issue.