Trump causes windfall for Taiwanese sock manufacturers

600 million socks (300 million pairs) ordered from Taiwan after Trump’s China tariffs


@tango42 i know you’re concerned about your imminent sock problem, but haven’t you ordered a bit too many?


I wonder if these socks are included in the order.


there’s a lot of SMEs here and in other countries who are now in love with Trump, with how he’s fuqqed China’s trade channels

The Sock Market crash of 2019? :yum:

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Taiwan’s glory days coming back thanks to President Donald Trump. A man of God and freedom.

That’s amazing…

I wonder if Trump will cause a fall for the Windsock Manufacturers?

Which other Taiwanese manufacturers could benefit from Trump’s tariffs? Might be time for some early investments.

I’ve been to Shekou a few times , kind of a weird village in the hills with factories :sunglasses:. It’s also got a cool ‘beetle garden’.

Think of related consumer products , so maybe remaining footwear and textile manufacturers.
Remaining sports goods manufacturers.

Bikes and components …Very possibly.
Car electronics and parts…Very possibly.

Maybe machinery manufacturers in Taichung.


“It is because of the special ecosystem of its tight-knit community that Shetou has been able to achieve outstanding export results in the past.”

Hilarious. :rofl:


What, no one has referenced the Prince Regent’s butler yet?

We should start hoarding all that sweet merchandise! Now that he changed hairstyle, all that stuff will soon become collectors items and become worth a fortune!!

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Yes. It’ll become the new equivalent of collecting Nazi memorabilia. :grin:

You mean, there’s a difference? :slight_smile:

To liberals, no. To normal people, yes. :sunglasses:


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