Trump charity fraud

It’s fun to imagine the hollering that would ensure if this kind of fraud had been found in the charities of other politicians. I guess with the liar we have in office now, it’s not surprising, but this should definitely be dug into more.


It’s revolting that people abuse of others good will to illicit enrichment. I always find suspicious when rich people create foundations with their own name…

BTW, why do we need another Trump thread? Can’t we just combine all into a single one?

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I’m with you on the point about charities, in the US at least they seem to be a means to avoid tax. Which isn’t the most nefarious of activities, still not good, although in the case of Bush/Clinton/Obama foundations they seem to be more a way to funnel pay for play schemes.

As to combining with other threads, one focused on charities I don’t think is a problem.

I’m always weary of giving to charities. So many scandals

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