Trump does not have Covid 19

Trump is off fast on his campaign trail with zero Covid 19 and the YMCA!

meanwhile Joe Biden


First this:

I feel so powerful I’ll walk into that audience. I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and the—I’ll just give you a big fat kiss.

And now dancing to “YMCA”?

I so much hope that he’s about to come out. I’d love to see how that resonates through the MAGA community. They can probably get the hats redone in pink, yeah? They’d just need a light soaking in bleach.


And let’s not forget about the US-Russia summit horse ride.


I think we might be onto something here. :two_men_holding_hands: :rainbow_flag:


Yep, that’s confirmed it for me!

Wait, has he ever definitively confirmed what the letter “G” stands for? :rainbow:

MAGA Hat x Pussyhat

First gay president? That would be awesome!



We’ll probably never know on that one…unless you’re talking about Pat.

First of all, what virus want to have an orange thing as host. Second, Trump has no heart, the virus can not screw with his arteries and other organs. Finally there is the limited brain volume, very hard to mess that up as a virus.


Nothing made in China can mess with Trump.

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Eh apparently Barron now tested positive. First parents, then kid. Wonder how the other kids are doing.

The universe is so unfair.

Yeah, exactly. Why do so many other old fat people die from the China virus, but Trump gets off so lightly? I’m starting to think that he never had it, and this is all for the sympathy vote.

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A left wing conspiracy theory on Forumosa. :sleeping:
But congrats on calling it “The China Virus”

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So Trump for whatever reason happens to not be in the 20% who gets really ill, and not among the 2% who dies from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, more than 800 Americans continues to die from COVID-19 everyday.

Yeah, doesn’t seem fair somehow. But that’s probability for you.

The overall IFR for covid is way, way less than 2%, although in Trump’s age range, it’s closer to 5%. Source:

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Where are people getting this 2%+ figure from? It’s bizarre. 0.2% might be a high end final mortality rate. Even the idiots at the WHO have downgraded their mortality rate to 0.6%.

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