Trump is Making China Great Again


That was a great article.


Way too long for me, took four or five paragraphs of story recap to start getting into the details, which is fair enough since not everyone is familiar with the background.

But then to lay into the TPP and to do so without weighing its merits or downside in and of itself. Rather than look at it as a gift to China, Well, yeah, the TPP was designed to undermine China no doubt they are pleased. So should everyone in Taiwan be pleased about the end of the TPP, no good would have come for anyone on this island if it passed, if China entered or didnt enter or if Taiwan would have been allowed to join or not join, it was all bad.


Back on topic…

Local media reports earlier this week said that the ROC flag has disappeared from the Web sites of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Office of the US Trade Representative.

That followed the US Department of State’s removal of the ROC flag from its official Web site in September last year.

The disappearance of the flag followed a similar incident last year, but since it now involves three US agencies, Kao [Representative to the US Stanley Kao (高碩泰)] can no longer shrug off the first incident as an “isolated case,” he said.


And now a rather one-sided trade war. This narrative is taking a beating. But I love the thread title anyway.


This is not the personality cult Xi had in mind.


Is that actually true, do you think? I would have thought anyone in China who speaks like that about Trump and the CCP would quietly disappear. For their own good, like. China hasn’t changed that much since 1989.


Let the liberal heads explode. :grin:

Well, the Epoch Times is a Falun Gong organ based in New York, so they’re kind of already on the kill list anyway.


What would Mao have done?


Close the doors, starve the poor, silence the voices. Same thing that will happen this time.

Listened to a Peter Zeihan talk yesterday and he had these fun facts at the ready aboot China and Xi in particular:

FDI (Foreign Direct Investment, ie, money going out of the country) is 2015 was $15 billion. In 2016 it was $45 Billion.

Xi is prepping China for a political lockdown:

He’s launched a cult of personality, that whole ruler for evah thing.
Xi has arrested 100k on “corruption charges”
Xi has had 70 top ranking communist members publicly executed on TV .
Xi has consolidate more power than any Chinese leader in history save Mao, and he will soon surpass him.

The China talk starts at about 33:30.