Trump loves golden... toilets

Yeah, I stopped reading after that. It’s just an obnoxious turn off. Sorry.

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Yet still felt the need to make sure you knew that.

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Used to it, the only time I ever got any basic respect from him was when I donated blood. Otherwise it’s har har har. Idgaf :man_shrugging:

Fuck that noise. They didn’t exist except in some scumbag, paid off intelligence agent’s fever dream. If you want to call that not “proven” then anything could be true, congratulations. Sounds like a great way to go. Where will I start :slight_smile:

That seems exaggerated.

Let me ask you this, when you are speaking to someone face to face and they give an opinion, do you respond with. “No, ——?”

I talk to people like I post. And I’m mostly polite irl and if I have a different opinion, I will state it and try not to shit all over opposite views. People are different. They have different perspectives.

Doesn’t mean I have to read a treatise on why mine is wrong. :laughing:

Enjoy your ankle biting dogpile with m88. He must miss the good old days when you could derail a thread in a mob of shitposts. Haha lmao :rofl:

I probably went a bit far, but to say it hasn’t happened isn’t true either. I’ll say sorry for that, and obv you don’t have to read it or anything, but I do think you’re reading a bit too much into the first line.

We’re the same in that we both write in our own conversational styles – shit on me for writing with hyperbole and went to lengths to assert that it’s important we use proper English spelling and grammar in our posts which just doesn’t matter in more casual writing, as well as no big kid words. He basically wanted us to be following an academic style manual while writing comments on the internet lol. And my posts are usually just full of jumps and interruptions which is more or less how I talk.

That said, it’s not like I said “no lmao” or just no, I said, “no, it’s moreso …” which imo pretty clearly sets it up as a disagreeing response :man_shrugging: perhaps a response held with conviction, but I don’t personally see my manner of response as impolite?

Might call it firm, perhaps. And after all, it’s no fun to play around with a flip-floppy member :wink:

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We’ve had a few knuckleheads like that. Some are pedants and some are dicks.

I do.

Language is an intimate part of someone’s unique ability to communicate what their senses take in. “No, jd ,” to me is like me saying “Bullshit,” to TL when he says well, something clumsy or unfounded. And a shout to @Poundsand for checking me on that as well.

It’s all good, and I do hope that when I make it to Taichung we can sit and chat about far more interesting things. Lmao :wink:

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Hopefully not about flip-floppy members…

As far as the “No…”, I think were it spoken, it’d be more of a “Yeah, no, it’s moreso…” But I get your pt.

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I just skipped to the bottom here. Exactly how dirty and off topic had this thread gotten? It kinda started as a laugh, but this seems too much

We’re healing. It’s over now.

Twas but a brief distraction, Constable :saluting_face:

So, I guess I’m glad to hear about all the solid members?