Trump v. the Deep State


Best analysis on the Trump-Russia issue and how it will come to nothing…by probably the best legal mind in America and a Democrat to boot.


Posted above, so obviously I fully agree. Good enough to post twice.


Recent presidents have governed far too much. Anything that diminishes the power of the Executive branch is probably a needed corrective.

And don’t think they won’t do it to a Dem president if it works. We are all Alinskyites now. Civility died some time ago, and with it the unilateral disarmament it had come to represent. The smart ones refuse to accept the short end of a double standard.

It’s a way to drain the swamp. Messy, you say? Compared to what?

I’m hoping for lots of carnage. And then maybe president Pence.


Wow, that Comey testimony was really something! But what, exactly?

Everything he knows about how Washington works is going to be outdated if The Donald prevails in draining the swamp. He already seems behind the times.


When even the CNN backtracks on the anti-Republican narrative, you know they fucked up.


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The Donald doesn’t so much outsmart his enemies as goad them into outsmarting themselves.


Follow the money…

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigating whether the FBI has wrongly relied on the anti-Trump dossier and its author, Christopher Steele — the old spy who was hired by Fusion GPS to build a Russia file
on Trump — to aid its ongoing espionage investigation into the Trump campaign and its possible ties to Moscow.


A roundup of recent developments:

Bubbette wasn’t supposed to lose, but she did, and now they’re scrambling to cope with the fallout by projecting their sins onto The Donald.

If he were a weaker man, it would work. But he’s not, and it probably won’t.

The big backfire unfolds…



Still pointing to Clinton as a last …?

I was waiting for weeks for your responds to Emails etc.
but nothing!

Clinton? Did she win the election? Then, we/you should impeach her.

edit: we/you cause I am German.


Bloody Russian agents, forcing American workers to do that kind of stuff to bring Her under a bad light!


One way to drain a swamp:


So, there is a leader who thinks he can run it like a business. His subordinate thought the same thing, too. Then he saw reality. Unfortunately, his boss does not.

The mid-term elections are going to be interesting. The GOP does not know whether to align themselves with the Trump, and the dems are simply running on a platform of “not Trump”.

Steve Bannon made it clear that it was his goal to break the US down, to make it fail so it could be rebuilt in his image. Well, looks like things are going to plan.


A Cloward-Piven of the right? Why not, since they’ve already gone full Alinsky?

They’ve given up on business as usual, because it just wasn’t getting the job done. In desperate times, intelligent people seek desperate measures, while stupid people go into denial about the desperate times and then into panic over the desperate measures.


What desperate measures are you talking about?


Random rubbish from Rowland… Makes no sense whatsoever.


I believe he is referring to Trump as being the desperate measure.


He’s not breaking the US down, it’s doing pretty well overall.
Trump’s poll numbers are at record lows and he can’t get any legislation passed.


Oh. That is one hell of a desperate measure!