Trump v. the Deep State


When I lived in Kansas City, I would ride the bus to work. Occasionally, us riders would be treated to a gentleman who carried a large duffle and would get on and start spurting these bizarre, conspiracy-ridden, random non sequiturs. “Trilateral Commission”, “Egyptian Pharoahs”, “Reagan/Bush 1980”, “Ham and Cheese Sandwiches”.

The most amusing part, if those words can be used, was that when he decided it was his stop, he would pick up his massive duffle, smile and then would yell out “Thank you, bus driver! Have a nice day everyone!”


You are right, no legislation is getting passed, if I were to ask why, do you know?


Because he has offered nothing of any real value. Since he has taken office, his main focus is to go after Obama’s 8 years. He has signed a number of XOs including a ban on Muslims coming from all countries that DID NOT send 9/11 hijackers over and repeal legislation going back 45 years. Since then, he has focused on trying to repeal the ACA. And has failed each time. And he golfs. A lot.

The ACA is a horribly popular unpopular piece of legislation that has helped millions gain access to health insurance. But, since it has affected different people in a different way, and since some Americans do not really seem to believe in everyone having equal access to healthcare, many people do not like it.

While DT does have his hard-core supporters, it is reasonable to otherwise believe that he was elected more for who he is not, than whatever policy he backs. I liken his raise to power to that of Slobodan Milošević. Not a mirrored likeness, but quite similar. And, it may have the same outcome.


slight correction if I may, no one shares his values, yes? It’s not like Donald Trump, or anyone in congress is writing legislation. They are written by special interest groups, who represent corporations, non of whom share Trumps agenda. If Hillary Clinton was in power, they would be flying off her desk toot sweet, would you not agree?


Yep. If Hillary was elected, I would probably be at her just the same.
Bush, Obama, Hillary, Trump, are all the same -politically. Obama and Bush were more likable.

Within their first year of their first term, both Bush and Obama managed to push through legislation that still shape the social and political landscape of the US. Good and/or bad. Trump cannot get anything going.

Trumps economic numbers are not that great, either. The economy has been on an uptick since the end of Obama’s first term. Unemployment low*, manufacturing up. Trump taking full credit for that is like someone throwing a handful of sand into a single sandbag, then adding that bag to thousands of others and later claiming that they, and they alone stopped the flood.

You are right in that interest groups write legislation. Some benevolent, others not. It is good or bad depending on your point of view. If you believe that raising the minimum wage will kill an economy, and giving tax breaks to billionaires will make it grow, then that is your right. If you believe in the reverse, that too is your right.



The last time any president ever attempted what he is attempting was probably James Garfield.

That’s in case you’re looking for a valid basis of comparison.

If Obama had accomplished nothing at all, that would have been an improvement.


Why does Obama get all the hate? No one can answer it with any specifics, or hard facts. In fact, all just re-dish Breitbart, Hannity, or whatever alt-right media they watch. People STILL believe he was born in Kenya, or where ever. Even the Trump came out and said he believes Obama was born in the US, but a majority of his supporters do not believe he said that.

How much do your taxes go up? How did the ACA affect you? Do you support increased military spending, along with tax cuts for the top 10% earners?

What about Obama did you not like? What policy, what bill, what legislation (aside from the ACA)?

How many rights do Americans want? All the rights? That is impossible. When more than 1 person is in a system, someone loses their rights.


aca, countless regulations, no regard for american manufacturers that eventually closed down or left the country*, a foreign military policy that caused the mess we’re enjoying in the middle east**. it doesn’t take alt right nazi sources to consider obama’s presidency a disaster.

*= the before\after pictures of detroit and some other locations are shocking

**= no, regardless of what buzzfeed/salon\cnn may write, bush was not the source of all evil


How did the ACA affect you? It has no affect on me, since I am here. However, I know people who say it helped them get insurance, and others who say it made their premiums go up. Some even qualified for the tax benefit. No one was hit with a tax penalty. Considering if you are employed, you would most likely have insurance. The ACA is a broken program, yet the GOP WH, Senate, and House have failed 3 times to get rid of it. Obviously it is working for some.

Bush did start 2 wars with no endgame. Believing that the so-called “War on Terror” could be won with military might, is the same as believing a dog could do brain surgery.

Manufacturing was fleeing long before Obama was even a Illinois state senator. I was alive in the 80s when it really got moving. Where did some of those plants move to? Right here in Taiwan. Funny that. If you believe in a Laissez Faire capitalism, why should Obama have done anything anyway?

Detroit failed because the industries in it could not, or would not compete. If you do not change with the times, the times tend to leave you behind.

The dems controlled the government for the first two years of 44’s first term. Since, it was 2/3rds GOP.

Also, under Obama the foreign earned income cap went from $70k to $108k. That is pretty sweet, in my book.


This is interesting because you just lump all this stuff together then say, 'bama`

Do you sincerely believe all this stuff was 'cos Obama`?

Why would you think that?

And then why would you not give him credit for the amazing stock market returns and the strong growth in employment and the economy in the US in general over the last five years or so? Many cities and states in the US are booming with historically low unemployment. Manufacturers are even complaining they can’t get enough skilled and reliable employees .

The US didn’t suffer fiscal collapse . The stock market is stronger than ever . Peoples investments are flying. Jobs are plentiful.

Smells of a bad dose of ill will to me. Compare Taiwan to the US …Taiwan is in a bad state.


Yeah, but that is just code for they cannot find any skilled workers that will except the pittance they will pay them, and how they want them to work (pass the piss test). Wages have taken a dive in the past 20 years. If they are as hard up for employees as they say, they will take how they can get it. Like they did 20 years ago.

I smelled a whiff of sarcasm in your post, excuse me if I missed it.


No really, they can’t get enough SKILLED workers


Read an interesting report on how the bull stock market wealth has not really translated to wealthier average citizen. Mostly made the wealthy wealthier.
And that average Joe has student loan and even more frightening auto loan debts. Sub prime auto loan defaults are now at pre 2008 levels and rising.
Stupid rednecks just HAVE to get the latest Ford pickup

US auto market is in SERIOUS trouble now. Oversupply, lack of sales, too many brands, too quick lifecycles


Thank you. I highly respect your statement, but, I am still not buying it. In my day, when you started a job, they would train you. Even in the early days of IT, they would take losers like me with only BAs in such nonsense as Political Science, or Economics and toss them into some whirlwind training program and a few weeks later, you are a LAN jockey. And at that time we would pull in an easy $50k.

Until outsourcing took care of that. Then we had to compete with people who would do our jobs for lower. (anyone who agrees with that has never had to bid for their own job)

And the loudest reason they spout for not finding qualified workers was the “clean pee” excuse. While political and social attitudes towards pot have laxed in the past 10 years, for the most part, US employers are still holding the old line.


I smell a correction coming…I do not think this will be a little hiccup. That’s OK. They will blame immigrants, minorities, the poor, teachers, and Obama. Just like next time.


I don’t buy it. All major pension funds are heavily invested in the stock market. Middle class people commonly invest in the stock market in the US. Most who work for listed companies get stock allocations (including me even though I’m not American ).
Anybody invested could easily be up three times over the last ten years.
Meanwhile in Taiwan I lost money on the stock market.


It wouldn’t be a surprise to have a correction since this is a RECORD bull run. And yet it doesn’t look like its going to stop soon many companies are in good health and people are working earning good cash.
And people criticise Obama about it…Idiots.


You’re right talking about middle class and those working for solid companies.I think the report was referring to the tens of millions of lower class to middle class group. Trump voters! :rofl:


Well with strong employment there’s an opportunity to move into the middle class.
If people want to stay in their shithole towns that’s their problem . There are other cities and towns they can move to for work.

Fact is the US is in pretty good shape and there are a lot of jobs for people who want to work and willing to move for them. Pay isnt good at the low end but very good in the middle and high end.