Trump vs. the Deep State


In what universe is Wikipedia a viable primary source? The only internet sources that are viable end in .edu or .gov. Also, peer-reviewed journals could be. but “i-am-right-because-i-have-twisted-the-facts-to-fit-my-narrative-dot-com” is not.

You can find primary sources from the following…


Media sources do not count, unless it’s primary source is cited.


I’m not even sure what an article with the headline ‘the only US state where only half the civilians’ work’is aiming at.

It’s so weird they would even use the term civilians :thinking:


Theres’s something called CNSnews which I find hilarious.
Thats a go to for Rowland.


Here’s a headline to boil the blood of committed covfefists.

This week, it was revealed by U.S. journalist Rosie Gray that a staffer on Mr. Trump’s National Security Council, Rich Higgins, had written a memo arguing that “the formation of a counter-state” had taken place in the United States “at the upper levels of the bureaucracies” and that it functioned like a “Maoist insurgency” to destroy the country and was run by public employees who were “Globalists and Islamists” (terms that, in Mr. Higgins’s ideological circles, generally refer to Jews and Muslims).

About that memo…



This article was published in a notoriously mainstream bastion of leftism, so it must be fake news…


Yes, an interesting article yyy, many have observed congress is doing next to nothing, a look behind the curtain so to speak in that article notes that those people who would normally be writing the statutes and laws are twiddling their fingers.

What the article doesn’t do, is explain where the orders come from in the first place, nor why they have next to nothing to do right now.

I can answer the latter part, because no one wants the policies of Donald Trump, no one wants a border wall, no one wants to rewrite free trade agreements, no one supports his ideas, at all.

And the first part? Who is setting the agenda? Or I should say, who was setting the agenda?


When the investigators have something to hide, who will investigate the investigators?

It would be a lot of fun to see The Donald demand release of all information. It would some people into an untenable position, and we won’t even know who until they start stammering and sweating. That will be revealing.


The former Chief Covfefist’s first interview never has a dull moment.

I haven’t even watched the extras yet but assume they’re also interesting.


They wiretapped him and then gaslighted about it. In sworn testimony. Could be perjury charges.

They may be forced to indict Manafort on something or other just to save some face. There’s nothing more humiliating than a witch hunt that ends with no witch.


They are playing hardball and trying to scare people as they usually do, and it usually works. Scare some lower down with 20 years and they spill the beans, although not sure this technique works so well when the guy they want to spill the beans on has the ability to pardon anyone.


Burrowing. It’s what moles do.

Obama’s third term.


Some private and non-profit orgs are trying to change this for rural areas in the US by providing training in some low ball tech skills - programming and web dev. etc. This is based on acute demand but is hampered by lack of supporting internet infrastructure.

But efforts like this won’t solve the problem with the shortage of skilled workers in more advanced disciplines.


The latest on the non-Mueller investigations (investigating the investigators)


Here come the cavalry.


Everybody’s an Edward Snowden these days.





Better than being a Seth Rich. Feelsbadman.