Trump vs. the Deep State


Interesting how a false equivalence is made between an email server and Russian collusion.

‘My friend Putin should be in the G8.
Oh and Putin ole pal I need that video back lol’


You think the email server was for swapping quiche recipes?


Yeah, there’s really no comparison. The email server actually existed. :sunglasses:


Putin for US President , let’s get the pretence over and done with.:joy:


Well…as a watcher , who is not a US citizen, it is pretty obvious , after all this time, that there is no substantive evidence that DJT colluded directly with Mr. Putin. I am sure that any shred of evidence would have been plastered all over the MSM immediately.

Looking at the interference in the IG Department by Schultz, Re: Awan , destruction of servers/phones etc going on in DNC, pretty obvious bias against Trump in the FBI ( of course unless there is admission it’s not “proof” ha, I would have to surmise that there is far more of a threat from within the “Deep State” , that from Russia.
Even though I would hope to hold Centrist views, generally, even expressing these things seems to label me as a Trump supporter , or Right wing blah blah. We have lost the ability to look at the evidence without putting on a “right” or "left " hat on.

this was the only fair view on the IG report I could make sense of. CNN version was a waste of time …and hear the points before discrediting the source…I think they are relevant


They’re really getting desperate to justify their supposed wide-reaching and broad deep state conspiracy. WOW! 5 whole FBI agents openly displayed disdain for the turd president? That’s, like, almost the whole organization!


I think when discussing a topic it is necessary to agree on the facts, then people may disagree with opinions or interpretations of those facts.

To wit, we are not just talking about 5 FBI agents, nor are we talking about their personal opinions. We are talking about leaking of classified information for political purposes with dinners, tickets to games and other benefits for FBI agents, in some instances involving over 100 FBI agents.

The 5 that you mention were in addition to Strzok and Page, apparently some of them were on the Mueller probe and at least one of them when asked in a private text if he drop his animosity to Trump replied “Viva le resistance”.

From the IG report.


do you want to get called a Russian nazi? Because that’s how you get called a Russian nazi…


Because people violating the law to influence an election openly message ‘viva la resistance’ to one another. Or, you know, it was a joke. Because people do that. You’ve given the benefit of the doubt to certain other people over much more damning quotes.

I’m sorry, but this report validates both views, but I find it validates democrat’s grievances more. The leaking of information isn’t great, naturally, but again: deep state conspiracy? No. You also failed to put the context from the report. A chart like that is scary, sure… OH NO THEY’RE ACTIVELY WORKING AGAINST TRUMP ALL DAY EVERY DAY! But that’s not the context.

Second, although FBI policy strictly limits the employees who are authorized to speak to the media, we found that this policy appeared to be widely ignored during the period we reviewed. We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters. The large number of FBI employees who were in contact with journalists during this time period impacted our ability to identify the sources of leaks. For example, during the periods we reviewed, we identified dozens of FBI employees that had contact with members of the media. Attached to this report as Attachments G and H are link charts that reflects the volume of communications that we identified between FBI employees and media representatives in April/May and October 2016.
In addition to the significant number of communications between FBI employees and journalists, we identified social interactions between FBI employees and journalists that were, at a minimum, inconsistent with FBI policy and Department ethics rules. For example, we identified instances where FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from journalists, went on golfing outings with media representatives, were treated to drinks and meals after work by reporters, and were the guests of journalists at nonpublic social events. We will separately report on those investigations as they are concluded, consistent with the Inspector General (IG) Act, other applicable federal statutes, and OIG policy.
The harm caused by leaks, fear of potential leaks, and a culture of unauthorized media contacts is illustrated in Chapters Ten and Eleven, where we detail the fact that these issues influenced FBI officials who were advising then Director Comey on consequential investigative decisions in October 2016. The FBI updated its media policy in November 2017, restating its strict guidelines concerning media contacts, and identifying who is required to obtain authority before engaging members of the media, and when and where to report media contact. We do not believe the problem is with the FBI’s policy, which we found to be clear and unambiguous. Rather, we concluded that these leaks highlight the need to change what appears to be a cultural attitude. Accordingly, we recommend that the FBI evaluate whether (a) it is sufficiently educating its employees about both its media contact policy and the Department’s ethics rules, and (b) its disciplinary penalties are sufficient to deter such improper conduct.

So it’s from April, May and October, 2016, specifically, and they were unable to really determine much about the leaks in general. By the looks of it, the FBI have changed their policies last year, which is fine by me. Also doesn’t seem to talk about what leaks exactly, but I guess you can assume Russia Russia Russia… fine. But also Emails Emails Emails.

The other thing: Trump openly shouting that the report exonerates him is just further evidence that he’s either a moron or he thinks his supporters are. To the credit of Trump fans, most just seem to be ignoring him on this… as seems to be the MO when he says something that’s obviously bullshit. I call it “Trump Deafness.” He didn’t say that! And if he did say that, he didn’t mean it! And if he did mean it, you didn’t understand it! And if you understood it, he was just trolling. Fell for it, sucker.


He said it, he meant it, and it’s true in the way that matters most.

If you keep calling a winner an idiot after he’s been winning and winning for a while, that’s a very, er, shall we say special - kind of trash talk.

To put it another way: the key to trash talk that doesn’t backfire on you badly is knowing when to cut your losses.


I didn’t condemn or claim anything, I quoted from the IG report to illustrate it was not just about 5 people and their personal bias.

which is fine, as it is your opinion, I am not challenging anyone’s right to hold an opinion.

The policies were already there.

I would suggest arguing for what you believe in, rather what you think Trump supporters think. “Trump supporters say this or that” is not something I want to address since they don’t represent my beliefs, nor as other posters have mentioned, disagreeing with someone on a particular topic doesn’t mean more than just their take on a particular topic, doesn’t make them a Conservative, or a Liberal or Nazi or whatever.


I have nothing else to add. Like you said, people can have their opinions.


Everyone’s a Nazi for fifteen minutes. That’s the cheapest tactic there is, because it’s gotten so overused it just doesn’t carry weight anymore.

Opinions are like assholes: most of them are full of shit. But if you’re actually calling somebody who gets things done an idiot, you can’t retreat into the “it’s just opinion” shrubbery. No cover there. Not even concealment. You just make yourself look desperate.

(“You’re a Nazi” will make you look even worse.)

The way to cut your losses right now is to stop drawing attention to your, uh, opinion, in any way at all.


Don’t give him good advice! The frequent and vociferous expression of this type of opinion is just what Trump needs to win his second term.




They had communism and their country collapsed, I guess it’s only fair for them to be interested into something different. It’s a form of cultural enrichment, and that’s a good thing. I read it on buzzfeed.


Okay. Here’s the thing.

The only time Nazi comes up on this site is from the Trump camp. You guys are making a big deal about the word Nazi being used… I didn’t call anybody a Nazi. I didn’t use the word Nazi. At all. Mick brought it up. If I didn’t know better, I’d suggest it was perhaps to imply that I would call Trump supporters nazis. This seems to be a common tactic from the Trump fans as of late.

But you guys keep on keeping on. Everybody is out to get you all despite the fact that the pro-Trump stance seems to be prevalent on this forum.


This thread and the “narratives about trump” one are full of people who are against the God Emperor and spent the last 2 years “literally shaking” due to the Nazi fascist derive of the current Us government, with several mentions and comparisons with the nazi regime. Feel free to ignore them, though.


You ever actually visited that thread? It feels like it’s just an echo chamber for you guys.


I thought the 2 threads were just personal blogs of a few members.