Trump vs. the Deep State


The thread was born to report the retarded narratives from the msm. It then become a thread where people who dislike the God Emperor willingly report such retarded narratives thinking:“LOOK WHAT HE DID, HE’S FINISHED NOW, HURR #herturn”.

Some users tend to stop posting for a while once the new fotm narrative turns out to be nonsense as per usual, only to cone back a few months later when the new stormy chick / Russia scandal / mean tweet story is picked up my the msm.


Not hard to find a counterexample, even by your arbitrarily narrow definition:

I’m sure I could find more, if I could be bothered.


Which, when you think about it, is perfectly on topic.


When all others are confounded and dare say no more, then they will be precisely that.


Ask yourself how that came to be.

No, we haven’t won the threads just yet. But things do seem to be headed in that direction.

Wasn’t that long ago it was the Obamafreaks who dominated this board. Well, we put them in their place, it looks like.

Wonder how Gao Bohan is making out?


Ironically on topic, and it also makes our lives easier because we don’t need to find new nonsense to report.


So tell me again about how it’s the left’s fault for not trying to understand Trump supporters? I love how accepting you guys are. Totally not a circle jerk.

So my wording was perhaps a bit superlative but you missed the point entirely. The “Left’s Nazi Narrative!” thing comes up almost daily - at least once a week - yet you had to go back to Charlottesville to find someone actually saying it on these boards. Charlottesville, where (as if I need to remind you) there were actual Nazis. They had swastikas and everything. Perhaps calling the president a Nazi was too far but that’s that poster’s issue, not mine.

I have zero idea what you mean by that. Did I define “Nazi” or something? All I said is I didn’t call anybody a Nazi and didn’t use the word Nazi. Do you want me to dig up something stupid a Trump supporter said on this site and say that defines you?

You’ve done nothing of the sort. You, in particular, strengthen my resolve not to change who I am. I do wish I could be a little more like IbisWtf though, he seems super cool.


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The point wasn’t that you do it, it is done on a daily basis by anti Trump supporters, Journalists, Comedians, sportsmen and women, actors and actresses on a daily basis. I could give you 1000’s of examples.

Just from today regarding the policy to separate children from parents at the boarder, in the daily press briefing journalists were comparing this to concentration camps in Nazi Germany. This is an article from todays Guardian.


That thread was literally started to share how retarded the msm narratives about the God Emperor are, of course it has a lot of people who follow it to make fun of the msm (regardless of their support for the God Emperor, btw).
What’s more surprising is those who think the msm and the dems dindu nothing wrong and keep posting in that thread, adding even more wood to the fire of eternal retardedness.


We come by our circle jerk honestly.


Oh, I completely forgot about the “YOU BOUGHT THE MSM NARRATIVE!” chant you guys like to ring out when people have dissenting opinions. Classic forumosa.

I also happen think MSM is “retarded” (as you keep repeating).


We are soooo winning this thread right now, and that’s not an opinion.


It was never a Battle, per say, just an observation that Trump appears to have been shafted by many Institutions, over the past couple of years. Whether they felt justified in pushing that Agenda is another point. I find it incredible , that as I said 2 years ago, the MSM were seriously biased against Trump ( excepting Fox and a few papers/blogs etc ) and I remember posting my inability to watch CNN then.
The Deep State , with more and more revelations, appear to have colluded against the Trump , both before and after the Election. There will be a lot more revealed soon but it may not change the mind of some.


Whats embarrassing is the Russians completely rode roughshod over American democracy and you let 'em get away with it.

Some patriots.

Putin should be in the G8 or the Golden Shower gets released.


Sure you are, champ. Glad you got over your little hissy fit earlier, by the way.


Woah Tiger :wink:
The more we know, it appears the Russians had far more involvement with the "other " side.
The USA have been messing with Elections for Eons, as have the Russians, as has Soros. That was all known , but deemed par for the course was it? , previously . But NOW it’s not ok .
Voters are fully aware that they get false narratives and Bot news, just as they are aware of the MSM bias. Their Vote is still valid. Whatever reasons they use to decide, is not our business.
Let us all wait and see the result of further Investigations , before we judge .


That narrative is taking on water fast. Don’t you think it’s time you bailed?


I don’t have a hand in it either way. Although I do think electing a cartoon character as President wasn’t a good move.
‘There’s two sides to every story’… people buy that shit? Take responsibility.

I just think it’s really weird how Americans spend all their energy attacking each other and not dealing with the evil empire. Ronnie would be spinning in his grave.


Despite the constant steam of new (and valid) stories surrounding trump campaign officials and undisclosed meetings with Russians it astounds me people still fight it. You should want to know the truth, not Trump’s “we talked about adoption!” version of the truth. Just today a new $109 million sale at Turmp tower has been reported, in addition to the $40 million property selling for $100 million, it would be insane to not to want to ask questions. That’s really just the tip of it too.