Trump vs. the Deep State


Not sure. I’ll do an AltaVista search and let you know on ICQ!


How so?


apparently so. With 5000+ employees, it’s still rather large.
Under Verizon, the telecom firm.


Not one of The Donald’s best hires:


Il Douche implicated?

Do tell.


Great, so the Trump humpers have infiltrated this forum too. Sad. Their constant politicizing on every online platform should not be allowed.


Yeah but fortunately.they flock together so easy to avoid these dark corners.

But if you feel like entertainment you can post Putin memes all day, gives em a hard on.


there is no substantive evidence that DJT colluded directly with Mr. Putin.

Vlad isn’t stupid like Donnie. :2cents:

I am sure that any shred of evidence would have been plastered all over the MSM immediately.

That would be like going nuclear. Things haven’t escalated enough yet.

To put it another way, the sword of Damocles never killed anyone, but it accomplished its mission anyway, through fear.

Wasn’t that long ago it was the Obamafreaks who dominated this board. Well, we put them in their place, it looks like.

Yeah, Obama losing the 2016 election really battered their self-esteem. :cactus:

Wonder how Gao Bohan is making out?

Sorry, who?

:chicken: :egg:

Unlike Barry’s twitterbots, which totally stole him the 2012 election, right? Or is that just Jotham’s theory?

Why exactly is he in the doghouse? Because of this?

Special Counsel Kerner issued a statement declaring that “Kellyanne Conway, one of President Donald Trump’s top advisers, violated federal law in two television interviews last year by using her White House position to weigh in on a political race” on March 6, 2017.[8]

This is what happens when I neglect a forum for a week: I miss one of the best Daily Rowlandisms ever!


Great to know we have another foul-mouthed free speech advocate on board. :grin:



The shoe is on the other foot. Pinches, don’t it?


I like it, actually. It rhymes, and it’s got cadence.

Trump humpers, charging over the hump. Trump humpers, make you look like a chump.


I just appreciate how that sentiment adds momentum to the red tide.


Smells bad, man:


Strzok testifies… sort of:


This tweet was Gold from James Woods :joy:

#PeterStrzok “loves the FBI,” his wife, AND his mistress. And he fucked them all.

4:31 AM - Jul 13, 2018
No Bananas.


Strzok has such a wonderfully punchable face. The face of the deep state.


Quite spooky.


Trump may just have a point.

I wonder if Trump lies on purpose at times. Accusing Germany of depending on 30% of their “energy” was false . It was Gas supply, not overall Energy. So the MSM can chastise him on the blunder. then state the reality …that Germany did sign the deal, against some other EU states wishes. If he stated the correct figures , it may not have been reported at all. He got the message out…only a crazy theory but maybe there is some truth in there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: