Try a little tenderness

During the course of a recent evening of drunken near-debauchery, I had a rather disturbing conversation.

I was, for some reason, explaining that women who smoke turn me off and that it takes the intimacy out of a physical relationship if your partner smells and tastes disgusting. That’s purely my own preference and we can discuss that elsewhere, what amazed me was the response.

“You could always fuck me from behind. Would you like to fuck me from behind?”

:astonished: Of course, that’s all very nice at the right time and in the right place, says I. But what about kissing and caressing, and making love?

“Forget that,” she said. “Go for the clit.” And this sentiment was immediately echoed loudly by the other women present. “Go for the clit!! (shouted) All we want is a nice firm hand on the clit.”

OK, there are obviously some issues here to do with the quality of the loving these girls are getting. (Or maybe they’re not getting any.) But it all seemed a bit callous and {can’t think of the right word} to me.

Doesn’t anyone make love any more?

Is there no romance left in the world?

What about hours of sweaty grappling and licking champagne from eager nipples?

What happened to sucking your partner’s toes?

Kissing and nibbling all over the other’s back?

Bodies pressed together with that special kind of desperation reserved for lovers?

No time for that. Now we just ‘go for the clit’.

No :flowers:

No :serenade:

No :hubba:

No :raspberry:, just use your hand. :unamused:

And this is how we find our life-partners in the 21st century? I think I’ll stick with :wanker: at least it’s sex with someone who loves me.

Smoking girl later insisted that I sniff her forearms, to prove that she did in fact smell nice. Did I just happen to go out with a few non-typical loonies that night, or is the sad state of my love life down to me being out of step with what the modern woman thinks?

Asian girls don’t seem to have much experience with foreplay, just from my experience. Perhaps that’s just the way things are done here. Just get straight to the point and get it over with in five minutes. That seems to be the way locals fuck in Taiwan. They don’t seem to understand how the slow buildup of tension and excitement from long hours of kissing and heavy petting makes the eventual sex that soooo much better.


Damn, I left too early :laughing: It didn’t progress downwards? After talking about “15 minutes” for three hours, I was hoping you two would engage in a real “battle of the sexes” :wink:

I think they were having a little fun at your expense. I’ve never heard of any woman who really preferred no-foreplay sex.

Like I said, they may not prefer it, but they don’t have much experience with it. I get the impression that love-making is not a very advanced science in Taiwan. Go to a love hotel, rip off your clothes, jump on it, and get off in five minutes, that seems to be the way things are done here.

Wow, good thing I only caught the tail-end of that conversation! At the time I thought that all comments were being thrown around happily in the spirit of drunken near-debauchery, but things did seem to get a bit more spiced with bite and sting towards the end.
Golden rule: Don’t take anything shouted at you in a bar at 3 a.m. too seriously, and don’t go sharing too much about what people get up to when they are drunken and debauched.
Such behaviour is ungentlemanly, and possibly fatal, unless the offending party is submitted to extreme therapy, or at least a severe spanking, to rectify said ungentlemanly behaviour.

Were you there? I don’t remember anyone’s identity.

I agree. My theory is it’s because of China’s long history of sex as financial transaction instead of as an expression of love. In the West, for centuries most men had to seduce women to get laid. In China/Korea/Japan/Taiwan, this was less true. You don’t have to seduce a prostitute, a concubine, a xiao laopo, the peasant girl your parents bought for you. Therefore the men never learned how to be good lovers – they don’t need to be, they just need money.

Modern woman’s opinion. I love foreplay and kissing and hugging and getting flowers and writing little notes all over my partner’s body while he sleeps. But that’s me. I have plenty of female friends who go for immediate satisfaction instead of being courted. Me, I like being courted.

Loretta, I don’t think you are in the wrong century. This century needs people like you too.

The trouble is that the English language keeps being forcibly evolved.

I grew up believing in the need to woo a woman. Today ‘woo’ is what you say when you put your firm hand in her pants. I liked the old definition better.

On dance floors all over the world people are doing the body bump without ever having exchanged a word. As I recall those sessions could get down right primordial at times. Goes a long ways towards restoring my faith in humanity. Anyway if an attractive woman wants to explore her physicality (and mine) in that way it is certainly OK with me. But perhaps that is just what loretta is talking about, since those nights were frequently a slow build up alright. Only all too often a slow build up to nowhere! :taz:

Basically you told a woman that it would be disgusting for you to kiss her or have sex with her. :astonished:
Jee-hee-zus, how on earth could you expect any woman to tell you about their real sexual preferences after a statement like that? :raspberry:

(I wasn’t there, so I might be wrong of course…)

I don’t know if you smoke notsu but if you don’t you must realize already that what loretta is saying is true. If you are a smoker then perhaps there is something you could benefit from learning: SMOKERS STINK. Unless of course they are very very careful about using mouth wash and washing their hair and clothes about five times a day.

I don’t smoke.

But the only situation where I would tell a man that he’s disgusting for me, would be a rape-attempt or at least something very close to that.
Just an illustrative example: I don’t mind, Bob, when you write in Forumosa about how you always prefer Asian women to Western ones, because [blablablabla]. But I would feel extremely disturbed if you discussed it in my presence, because then I would take it personally. That’s the way it works. And I guess I would try to turn it into a stupid joke just like the girls did in Loretta’s case.


I for one love the taste of booze and smokes on a woman’s breath. It just holds so many more possibilites.

For example, the possiblity that she just might be booze-goggled enough to sleep with you.

If that helps.

Golden rule: Don’t take anything shouted at you in a bar at 3 a.m. too seriously…[/quote]
Words to live by! :notworthy:

The cliteratti has spoken. The clit is it.

This is beginning to sound a lot like a previous thread… :whistle: